Close friends wife spend money self tied to her husband to ransom mmhouse

Close friends wife spend money directed to her husband to a woman tied to ransom woman directed and starred in the video screenshot Washington County of Tongzi province to see friends, because the money runs out, they shot a video taped her mouth, her husband to ransom. August 29th, the police informed that the woman was found lying on the bed playing with the phone. More than and 30 year old Hu in a company to do security, his wife Chen left home to take care of children. Usually, they communicate by telephone or on the internet. The evening of July 31st, Humou received a video sent to his wife’s social account. Then, there are a few text messages sent. Text content said Chen was kidnapped, requiring 24 hours to remit money to the designated bank account of $20 thousand, otherwise it will take appropriate measures. According to reports, Hu opened the video after seeing the video’s wife was a yellow tape sealing, also shook his head constantly struggling. The expression is very painful." He said he subsequently with the other side of the negotiations, and the night will be only 3000 yuan into the designated account. The kidnappers refused to grace time, could not get the rest of the money he had. In August 1st, Zunyi city and Tongzi County police set up a task force, to carry out detective work separately. After a group of police analysis of the video, found doubt – Chen head shaking at the same time, the picture is also slightly shaking, and with the head shaking rhythm similar. Police said that despite the authenticity of the authenticity of the kidnapped Chen was suspected, but the task force did not relax tracking. Another group of police found that the collection of ransom bank account had been in Henan City, the territory of the withdrawal records have been recorded in Zhoukou. Immediately, the task force rushed to the police in Henan, Zhoukou, in the local police assistance to find chen. "In a construction site in the dormitory, we broke into the house, see Chen lying in bed playing mobile phone." Police said there was no one else in the room. After Chen admitted that in July 16th, she went to Zhoukou with her husband to meet with friends. Later, who ran out of money, and did not dare to say with the husband, has a self kidnapping farce let husband remittance. Police said Chen has been brought back to Tongzi County, the relevant treatment is still in progress. Yesterday, a lawyer in Zunyi, said Chen did not report directly to the police, but sent to her husband’s video and caused panic, but also led to a large number of police spending police, whose behavior has been suspected of disrupting social order. Source: Guiyang evening news editor: Kang Yunkai相关的主题文章: