City Construction Committee to respond to the residents do not pay property fees consider the approp ca1806

Municipal Construction Committee to respond to the residents do not pay property fees: consider the corresponding punishment measures yesterday afternoon, the Municipal People’s Congress held a residential property law enforcement inspection team leader group meeting, exchange forum law enforcement inspection. 6 representatives of the group agreed to talk about the issue of property fees paid. The fourth group leader, Chen Xiaohong representative said that the survey found that because of the charges and the owners can not reach the same, some of the husband’s room on the property without permission, the district management suddenly paralyzed. Also found in law enforcement inspection, some residential property fee rate is too low, the property, the industry committee did not dare to publish, if digital released on time to pay the owners also began to pay. Many representatives mentioned that the existence of some residential property services revenue and expenditure is not published, opaque phenomenon. If this account is made clear, will greatly increase the rate of property collection. The first group leader, municipal people’s Congress Zhu Hongming said that the property service area of their research take the golden mileage fee system, all payments at a glance, 2015 year property customer satisfaction 91.55%, property fee collection rate of 98.26%. But not all property companies have such a strict and transparent management mechanism. The research team found that some property companies do not rise to retreat to the industry pressure, and the industry is more increase in property company public revenue share, hope in the term worldly-wise and play safe without raising property fees or hiring property services companies and other major owners vote matters, "upgrade the property service fee standard is the most in the future will face the problem of community." According to the provisions of the "forty-fifth provisions" of Shanghai city residential property management: "the owners do not pay overdue property service fees, the owners’ committee shall urge them to pay; the property service enterprise can according to the people’s court." "But because of the industry supervision and have no legal effect, and the high cost of property to the court, the number of households did not pay property fees, historical debts, property services business survival difficult." The fifth group leader, Xu Liping representative believes that to solve this problem, you can establish a residential credit platform owners, under normal circumstances, the owners do not pay property service fees should be recorded. "The owners do not pay property fees shall bear legal responsibility, such as a certain amount of fines." Third group leader, municipal people’s Congress Chen Min believes that the guidance of the industry committee and property services companies to determine the content of the property services and charges is the general direction. To implement the recommendations as soon as possible the establishment of property service market information release mechanism, by industry associations or third party agencies regularly publish district property services content, service standards and service price reference information, and each year according to the change of market development, regular adjustment. To attend a forum of the Municipal Construction Committee official said, at present, the city of illegal structures, the destruction of housing bearing structure, base rent, refused to pay maintenance funds, has been clear about the implementation of the provisions of the administrative process, such as refusing to correct, will be on the credit list. Next, will be considered for a year for non payment of property charges, and after the three call not the payment behavior of the owners, take appropriate punitive measures. Arrears of property charges have been removed (this video is for extension only) Use your finger, at any time the illegal traffic! Sweep)相关的主题文章: