China Aerospace Science and industry and cooperation to build aerogel International Technology & Res-noiseware

China Aerospace Science and industry and cooperation to build aerogel International Technology & Research Center – China central enterprises News Network — the authority released the central enterprises, the SASAC, local state-owned enterprises to the latest news, CASIC 306 and Huaxing Meike group cooperation signing ceremony press conference. Xinhua net super photo August 8th, China CASIC hospitals 306 and Huaxing Meike new material technology (Jiangsu) Co., Ltd. held a signing ceremony, jointly founded the aerogel Technology International R & D center, aerogel aims to create advanced international and domestic leading level of technology research and development base. According to reports, the newly established international aerogel technology R & D center will be built including a complete set of test, test and evaluation platform research and development center in 5 years, the formation of innovative research teams of more than 30 people, more than 20 patent applications, to achieve more than 2 major projects and more than 2 aerogel materials application project of industrial floor; long term goal is to obtain a large number of international advanced level of technology application results in 10 to 15 years, including the formation of nano aerogel technology, application technology, products, equipment, technical services and other high level comprehensive research and development ability, and the R & D center and Industrial Park as the core, through the introduction of the petrochemical pipe wall service the construction enterprises, the production of insulation materials production enterprises, warm clothing footwear production enterprises, outdoor mobile communications with insulation materials production enterprises, supporting the formation of production Industry clusters, at least 10 high value-added technology achievements landing, to achieve sales of more than 10 billion yuan of various series of aerogel material, driven by the development of related derivatives of $100 billion. Aerogels are the lightest solid materials known in the world, with high surface area and low thermal conductivity. Different from other nano materials, aerogels containing nanopores have unique properties in thermal, optical, acoustic and electrical properties. (commissioning editor Qiao Xuefeng and Xia Xiaolun)相关的主题文章: