Catastrophe insurance report can play the following telephone

Catastrophe insurance report can play the following phone sina fund exposure platform: letter Phi lag false propaganda, the performance of long-term lower than similar products, how to buy funds pit? Click [I want to complain], Sina help you expose them! Modern gold news gold report (reporter Wu Shuangying) the 14 typhoon "Meranti" brought heavy rainfall to Ningbo, in some areas caused by serious waterlogging. The face of disaster, Ningbo Insurance Regulatory Bureau deployed claims service process will be fast, fast payment, damage survey three principles, the insurance companies have opened claims Easy Access, received a report and simplify the claims process, provide fast claims service. To noon yesterday, the insurance industry received a total of more than 9900 kinds of reports, reported a loss of more than 79 million yuan. The reporter learned from the Ningbo Insurance Regulatory Bureau survey, from the actual situation, is expected to report the number will increase greatly. As of 16 noon, public catastrophe insurance has received a report of 6773 households, involving 84 Villages (communities); more than 1900 auto insurance report, loss amounted to more than 17 million yuan; corporate property insurance reported nearly 400, loss amounted to more than 36 million yuan; more than 350 pieces of agricultural and rural housing insurance report, reported losses amounting to more than 10 million yuan. Agricultural insurance is also more concentrated in the field of compensation cases, the city a total of 180 thousand acres of crops were affected, including rice affected by 100 thousand acres, economic crops affected by acres of land. 16, PICC of Xiangshan crab farmers fast claims, three meter 80 thousand yuan in debt more than 5 pm payment to farmers. Auto insurance companies, the rapid establishment of external vehicle rescue network, centralized trailers and other rescue resources, the city water flooded the car area to carry out rescue vehicle. With 16 strong typhoon "malakas" gradually approaching, "double typhoon" may be followed bring rain affect to the city of Ningbo. Catastrophe insurance report to the nearest call the insurance company in the county (city) district set up temporary call. Ningbo city public catastrophe insurance calls all big 87395518 87314279 Haishu 87370000 83862376 86378618 Beilun Jiangdong Jiangbei Zhenhai 86878703 Yinzhou 87839797 Cixi 63336333 Yuyao 62651809 Fenghua 88527510 Ninghai 65065208 Xiangshan 65769719 Sina shares into the [Financial] discussion相关的主题文章: