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.puters-and-Technology Python- most powerful option for web development: Well python was born before two decades. But it was lost in the industry due to lack of proper promotion and hence it remained in dormant stage for more than a decade. With the inception of 21st century, Google brought it away from the garbage and made some extensive modifications over the language so that it can be more efficient than before. Though the project Unladen swallow was stopped in the middle but in that course of period, python had already gained a tremendous power i.e., there was a increase of two to three times speed of the language by Google. Moreover with the association of brand name Google it attracted many IT farms of the industry to take a chance on the language. Fortunately it out perform in a magical manner and received a tremendous support from around the industry. Moreover it came out as an outstanding technology for the web domain. Though python can be used for a wide range of software development like hardware programming, desktop application development, game development but it gained a tremendous popularity in the web industry due to its unmatched quality, reliability and performance. Hence most of the major web applications are now being developed in python. Selenium Testing services for web applications: When there is a software application, there must be a tester to test the application thoroughly and make it fit for the industry. Selenium is an automation testing tool which is totally dedicated for the web industry. As automation testing tool, selenium has received a stupendous popularity in the industry especially for web applications. When we have an outstanding web application developed in python, we must search for an outstanding testing tool in order to achieve an awesome end product. Fortunately selenium testers can help the python web applications for a thorough inspection and hence helping it to be refined enough and .e out as an outstanding product. Python and Selenium- a deadly .bo for an excellent end product: Well we can install selenium web driver for a python web application in order to test the application thoroughly and efficiently. It can be done by web driver API integration with the platform. Once you integrate them, you can get adequate power to perform any type of testing methodology with the application. In fact we can say they will create an awesome platform for the selenium tester to test the application thoroughly and efficiently. Moreover the process will be much faster, simpler yet efficient. If everything goes smoothly then we can expect an outstanding end product at the end of day. Make your application not only robust but also reliable: Python developers can develop highly optimised and powerful web application without much effort with the help of any python frameworks like django etc but when it .bines with an automation testing tool like selenium, the application more refined and hence more optimised, robust and reliable. The application can also provide highly secure environment for the user to make any type of sensitive information .municated with the server at any point of time without fear over inter.. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: