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Advertising BULK SMS One of the most price effective ways to market and advertise is using Bulk SMS. Not only does it helps in acquiring new customers but also is great in looking for new prospects and also undertake a lot of services for your customers. Web interface The bulksms-Kuwait.com web login and interface will allow the User to send out single SMS, scheduled SMS, bulk SMS and is linked with the corporate website of the user. The user can similarly log into the system and manage their address book features. Desktop Application The whole system is extremely user-friendly which allows the client to co-brand his page using the logo change option and running the setup program. Short Code Short codes are essentially a 4 digit number. These numbers ensures the highest throughput for any cross network messaging service. They depend on extremely high speed direct connectivity. An absolute must for sending out premium priced text messages bulksms-Kuwait.com offers reasonable rate for the purpose of sending out these messages. The mobile operator charges the cost of the messages to the user and shares the revenue earned with the application provider of the owner of the content. As a user you can use either the SHARED or a DEDICATED Short Code Number. When you are using a shared number, usually the first keyword denotes the correct recipient of the messages. When using a dedicated number though there is no limitation to the number of keywords or responses that can be sent. When using a premium service you can practically run a completely self feeding or partially self feeding marketing campaign. Long Code As like a Short code, the Long code has the same functionality. However the only difference is in the fact that the number is 10 digits long very much like a mobile number. While a Short code is used only messages from the home country is receivable. Using the long code tough, messages from all around the globe can be received. When the User makes use of the Short code he pays premium rates while the rate is standard SMS charges when using the long code. It also has very simple set up and cost plus there is a minimal chance of getting blocked due to abusive use. You also don"t need to setup up a keyword and the long keyword system is very reliable to use. Excel Plugin One of the big benefits of our Forward Value SMS Excel Plugin is that it is extremely easy for our users to use this. SMS Excel Plugin has been designed to be easily integrated with the MS Excel software which enables our users to send bulk SMS to anywhere in the World from the comfort of your computer. The SMS Excel Plugin is a world of opportunity which enables the users to send customized messages to the recipients by using the simple convenience of a Excel Sheet. Let"s take the example of a bank. The bank wants to remind the customers who have a payment due for their loans. From the excel sheet using the Plugin, the software will take the names of the customers who have an amount due, the amount and the due date and send out an SMS like this – "Dear Michael, you have an interest payment due on 10th August, 2010 for an amount Rs. 1066." This tool is so effective that it has a large amount of usage in a wide number of practical scenarios. It can be used by a school, a financial institution, a stock broker "" in order to send out messages to its large number of customers. This is an effective way wherein you can simply carry your customer data in an excel sheet with the SMS Excel Plugin installed. Connected to the internet from anywhere you can simply just login and send out bulk SMS to anyone in the world. For more Information log on to :- ..smsworldonline../ Email id: [email protected] 相关的主题文章: