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Cancer Due to increasing awareness about breast cancer, a lot of women diagnosed with the disease in the early stages of the cancer and still alive and are doing well. The number of deaths because of breast cancer has fallen steeply, and is still going down, owing to better availability and success of treatments and therapy than a few years back. Breast cancer has become a major issue today, and technological advancements in the field have made it possible for several women to live happy and normal lives, who otherwise would have died young and unhappy. This does not mean that the work is completed; regular effort must be put into eliminating the cancer and relieving the suffering of cancer victims and their families, since most of the women cancer patients are being treated for breast cancer. There has been a constant decline in the death rate for breast cancer since 1986, and it is primarily due to betterment in diagnostic techniques; there are better screening facilities and more efficient breast examinations today, which help in early diagnosis, which helps survival better. As we know early diagnosis to be a boon, we need to put in even more effort into providing better technology, and help more women fight the disease successfully. Certain preventive measures for breast cancer should be adopted by all women. Post adulthood, every woman should get mammograms done once in three years, and the frequency should increase with age, since age makes you more prone to breast cancer. If, ever, you have any queries or doubts regarding breast cancer, the best person to inform you on it is your doctor. Remember to always go to a professional for your breast examination. Doctors will tell you when to seek medical advice with what may seem like a symptom, and when to recognize an abnormal change in your breasts. If you’re not sure of a change or sign, it is best to still tell your doctor about it. Women should want to know what is normal for their breasts and what is not. It is not uncommon for women or even their partners to find abnormalities where none existed before. While that is not to say that one should panic at the first feel of something different, it should serve as a guideline for getting checked and ruling out breast cancer. Some women have benign lumps in their breasts, and even some men do as well. It never hurts to become well informed, better safe than sorry. When it comes to breast cancer, the only way to overcome it and find a way to prevent more women and men from developing it is to plow ahead with research, and by doing so, hopefully it will show why some people are becoming more prone to developing it and how to combat it in such a way that everyone’s quality of life is improved. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: