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Bengbu Woan education system: an educational equipment supplier Liaodao officials — Anhui channel — original title: Bengbu education system Woan: an equipment supplier Liaodao officials recently, Bengbu bengshan District Court and the local court Huaishang district education system together with the corruption case for sentencing, and relates to the Education Bureau Local Universities and key schools and Liaodao officials over the leadership, these turned out to be a local education equipment supplier. The construction of the new campus in the "fall" of the three leaders of the school of Bengbu II is a provincial key middle school, the new campus construction in late 2010, a total investment of 350 million yuan, which is the city of Bengbu from the new China since the establishment of the largest base of education investment and construction projects. However, the construction of the new campus has become part of the school leaders and educational equipment suppliers in the eyes of the Tang dynasty". Bengbu Zhongxing Mdt InfoTech Ltd (hereinafter referred to as Bengbu Zhongxing company) in 2013 to build a new campus in Bengbu, the second floor of the information technology classroom construction. In October of that year, the second middle school of Bengbu City Administration Office Deputy Director Zhu normal inspection at the construction site found in the actual installed anti static floor of the project, to repeat bidding, then this told the Bengbu ZTE Project Manager liu. In order to cover up the matter, Liu Moumou after consulting with the general manager, decided to give Zhu 200 thousand yuan in cash, so that it does not report the matter to the school. Later, Zhu did not correct the error in the project tender, and not to repeat the matter to the school report anti-static floor. March 2014, Bengbu Zhongxing company successfully passed the acceptance of the project. After the acquisition of the project, Liu Moumou office in Zhu gave its 200 thousand yuan in cash. September 2013 has served as deputy director of the Bengbu second middle school information center Zhang Moumou, at the end of 2013, Bengbu is responsible for the second room construction project, from Bengbu ZTE Mdt InfoTech Ltd sent 20000 yuan in cash, after the event, which was responsible for the school grading system in the construction project, the company received 20000 yuan to send cash. Bengbu is also ZTE Liaodao, as there are second middle school of Bengbu as the general affairs office deputy director Chen Moumou, around 2013, Bengbu ZTE to thank Chen Moumou in Bengbu before the second time with the company’s business in the help, to give its 10 thousand yuan. August 2014, in order to maintain the relationship with Chen Moumou, the company once again gave Chen Moumou 5000 yuan. At the end of the year, and gave a computer host. Recently, Zhu, Chen Moumou respectively for accepting bribes, Bengbu city bengshan district court sentenced to two and a half years, sentenced to three months imprisonment, suspended for six months. Because Zhang a sincere repentance, and actively ill gotten gains were sentenced from criminal punishment. The local education department officials were unseated was voted the Bengbu ZTE Corporation and the local education bureau and university officials, and the officials were sacked, and education related equipment procurement. Yang, head of the Department of information technology, Bengbu College, in 2013, Bengbu Zhongxing company in the process of doing the server project in Bengbu College, in order to thank Yang for help in the project bidding,相关的主题文章: