Beijing will bounce back 8 kinds of no account registration settled cagliari exchange

Beijing will be registered as the bounce and other 8 types of non household staff in the office of the municipal government recently issued "on the implementation of the views of Beijing to solve the problem of" registered accounts (hereinafter referred to as the "opinions"), the relevant departments in accordance with the requirements for the kids, did not apply for a birth certificate, not the procedures for adoption as a result of 8 cases no accounts for accounts. The policy to ensure each a permanent residence in January this year, the State Council issued the "on the settlement of non registered accounts personnel issues", clear to bounce, did not apply for a birth certificate and other 8 categories of personnel shall be registered without account policy. In order to implement the State Council, the city issued the "opinions", proposed to further improve the city’s household registration policy, prohibit the establishment of any pre conditions do not meet the household registration regulations; strengthen the household registration management, a comprehensive solution to unregistered personnel registration account, guarantee every citizen a legally registered permanent residence, accuracy, account and citizen identity card number is the only authoritative target. According to the "opinions", the city will be in accordance with the law for the 8 kinds of people: No registered accounts do not meet the family planning policy; not for the "birth certificate" no person accounts; no account personnel did not apply for adoption in adoption; declared missing or dead after the account is canceled, the rural workers; because marriage cancelled origin accounts personnel; account migration certificate is lost or super efficient caused by the deadline no account; no person accounts of our citizens and foreigners, stateless persons born out of wedlock; no other accounts staff. Compared with the 8 kinds of personnel office provisions of the household registration process, the "opinions" to prove the authenticity of paternity "and there is doubt unable to verify this situation made clear norms," should prove paternity priority in adoption of the Municipal Bureau of justice for the record, with the qualification of forensic identification issued by the agency". To this situation, the application of the illegitimate father settled no account personnel, not for "medical proof of birth" no account personnel, apply for settled father of Chinese citizens and foreigners, stateless persons born out of wedlock without Hukou personnel three types. The household registration policy will be revised "opinions" put forward, public security, civil affairs, health planning and other departments to clear division of responsibilities, standardize the acceptance and approval procedures, timely handle the relevant documents without the need to prove the accounts staff; do a good job of cooperation and coordination, establish a regular consultation mechanism, timely study and solve difficult problems; to strengthen supervision for each instruction, the responsibility is not implemented, not according to the law, serious accountability. The relevant departments of the municipal government shall carry out a centralized cleaning and inspection of the policies and measures that are inconsistent with the opinions. At the same time, pay close attention to the procedures for the preparation of the relevant account registration, vagrants and beggars relief, family planning and other aspects of the laws and regulations and related policies to prepare for the work. "Opinions" requirements, the district government to find out the administrative region free accounts staff base, and the Hukou household registration materials by personnel file, the file data to ensure complete and effective. Public security organs should strengthen the accounts personnel portrait, fingerprint information filing and alignment verification, and can not find DNA on society abandoned children and children, to ensure that the body.相关的主题文章: