Beijing – VIDEO – Chinese first o2o line Museum of agricultural heritage unveiled in Beijing

Beijing – VIDEO – Chinese first O2O line Museum of agricultural heritage China first appeared in Beijing agricultural intangible cultural heritage O2O line Museum unveiled in Beijing [comment] in September 19th, China famous special agricultural products exhibition center officially opened in Beijing, the reporter was informed that the opening of the exhibition will be in cooperation with the Jingdong to create online specialty O2O exhibition hall O2O is a new mode of experience with the online interactive museum also established under the line, and the debut of the Agricultural Heritage Museum into the biggest bright spot. [comment] the non agricultural projects of intangible cultural heritage, intangible cultural heritage is the debut from domestic agricultural products, the purpose is to create a national agricultural heritage line O2O representative of the museum experience, and create a communication platform for many non heritage projects, to discuss how to better inherit the art of intangible cultural heritage. The same period []: China famous agricultural products exhibition center director Yang Xiaolong we build the agricultural heritage experience center, is to put the national intangible cultural heritage with the characteristics of agricultural products to do a show here, but also a support for agricultural development, there will be a non agricultural heritage for live shows, for the public to explain let the public know clearly what is the heritage of agriculture, let everyone know what we are going to promote the protection, inheritance. [comment] experience center shows including Pu’er Tea production process, tribute tea production process, mud cellar wine making skills, "Gong Li Gao" production techniques and other non genetic techniques and their products, including national, provincial and municipal heritage dozens of projects, and exhibited more than and 100 non agricultural products. The same period []: "Gong Li Gao" Craft Museum Director Guo Changhong we are a local intangible cultural heritage in the development of the local agricultural products, very good, we hope that through this activity, let more people know, communicate non genetic order across the country and at the same time and projects, to see how the older generation of products, better the inheritance and innovation of development into modern life, in the continuation of the process and at the same time, to maintain the original quality. The same period []: China Heritage Protection Union Office Deputy Director Li Ziwen hope everyone concerned Chinese attention intangible cultural heritage, traditional culture, heritage hope products, can gradually into industrialization, family members of the public. [comment] intangibleheritage process products because it is difficult to achieve industrial production lines, production is relatively low, so that the product has a strong cultural identity. The preference for this type of product groups, particularly attractive, opening day, gathered a lot of the audience and experience. The same period []: before the museum audience on the tip of the tongue "Chinese" this documentary, for our country the traditional process is very interested, today there is a line under the experience platform, some products have come together, there are some staff to explain, or harvest great. The same period []: the museum audience because of intangible cultural heritage of most of the products are made, the cycle is relatively long, and some other industrial products are not the same, I think the quality of all aspects will be more secure. [comment] according to reports, Chinese famous agricultural products Exhibition Road相关的主题文章: