Beijing – VIDEO – Chengdu Longquan mountain seventy elderly guardian of the Millennium Monument in

Beijing – VIDEO – Chengdu Longquan mountain seventy elderly guardian of the Millennium Monument in recent 50 years in Chengdu Longquan mountain seventy elderly guardian of the Millennium Monument in recent 50 years [comment] there is a small temple in the mountain town of Longquanyi District of Chengdu City, inside the "live" with 1400 years of history, Zhou Wenwang monument". According to local people, living in a small house next to the temple, the owner called Xiao Taifa, accompany the stone nearly 50 years. 21, the reporter came to the site of the stone, saw the old man has been the age of 73. Xiao Taifa waiting for the king monument is located in the Northern Zhou Dynasty stone Buddha Temple behind a piece called "day stone" natural rock. "Zhou Wenwang monument engraved on the Northern Zhou Xiao Min Dili first year (AD 557 years), was for a posthumous Zhou Wenwang general Zhou Yuwen Tai stands, located in downtown Chongqing at the time of the ancient Yi Dao on. Pass 2.44 meters high, 1.24 meters wide. Experts believe that it is the Yangtze River Basin found so far the earliest, most intact preserved inscriptions of the northern and southern dynasties. In 2013, Zhou Wenwang monument was announced by the State Council as the national cultural relics protection unit. The inscription to script incised with more than 1310 words, mainly describes the actual rulers, Zhou Wei regime founder Zhou Yuwen Tai’s achievements, generation of Wei and Shu erected the origin and other historical events. Is the only one Chinese preserved, with inscriptions recorded during the Northern Zhou Dynasty history and stone for the extremely precious Yuwen Tai flatter. Through the interpretation of the inscription, can for future generations to understand and study the Northern Zhou Dynasty, the political and military system to provide written evidence. The days of rain in Chengdu finally ushered in the warm sun, Xiao Huatai taking advantage of good weather to start cleaning the stone before the leaves of weeds. The old man told reporters, from 1968 received a mandate to protect the stone, after difficulties and suffering has been quietly guardian, next year is for 50 years. The same period [] (Millennium Monument keeper Xiao Taifa) because I received a notice from 1968, an emergency meeting back as soon as I keep the Northern Zhou Wenwang protection monument, Monument and immediately protected, so I kept till now, next year for fifty years. [comment] let Xiao Taifa most memorable, is the origin of his "Zhou Wen monument" and. In 1968, when he was the local militia commander Xiao Taifa, suddenly received a mission called him to protect the Northern Zhou Wenwang monument, when he rushed to the stone nearby, saw several young people are stone lettering, Xiao Taifa said, if a step late, the whole monument is ruined. After that, in the lower bunk Xiao Huatai stone straw live down. This is the first half of this year. The same period [] (Millennium Monument keeper Xiao Taifa) when the rain came, I still wet quilt to sleep here, those old people said: "Xiao rain, you come in." I said no, this is my job, my duty, and I have to keep down here. [comment] with the study of cultural relics and Archaeology of Northern Zhou Wenwang workers, Zhou Wenwang monument monument "value gradually being understood. "Zhou Wenwang monument" to study people up more gradually. The same period [] (Millennium Monument keeper Xiao Taifa) of the people, to study the beizhou things together相关的主题文章: