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Beijing Vanke transformation strategy "plan X": a new exploration of neighborhood type pension real estate — August 25 Beijing Xinhua (Yu Yanming) the transformation strategy of Beijing Vanke and northern region, the company will be named "6+X" strategy, the strategy of "6", including office and Industrial Park hold, long rent apartment, decoration business, business services and financial services, business community, the business transformation direction is relatively mature, around the core advantage of Vanke has been formed, according to the city development and transformation to adapt to the changing times. Another "X", is the Beijing Vanke in the exploration of pension business. Codenamed "X", which contains uncertainty, compared to the other 6 relatively mature business transformation, pension business is still in the incubation process in the industry, "from 0 to 1, the degree of a clear business model is not clear, also belong to the" X business". Beijing Vanke groping pension business, focusing on the neighborhood pension model, Vanke hopes to play the power of the community. Now the pension industry, the formation of a variety of directions and patterns, such as school type pension, the pension community becomes the school; vacation pension, pension real estate development scenic area; yacht type pension, on a yacht in the world around. But Beijing Vanke believes that the elderly pension, not into the old age to change the way of life. Old age pension demand, because the physiological functions of the changes, which requires some adaptation, but the elderly prefer to live in the past. Therefore, Vanke pension business, still want to retain as much as possible the original way of life, especially family and neighborhood relations. This allows Vanke to choose a neighborhood pension, the elderly can be in the large community pension, pension community of the elderly can help each other, exchange. Vanke deal with the basic values of pension business, is to believe that the relationship between people. For example, the elderly to Vanke’s pension program, if the child cannot guarantee the visitation request, Vanke will refuse to stay, because 170000 that the pension service cannot replace the responsibility and caring for children in nursing process in the children of the elderly feelings irreplaceable. Focus on neighborhood relations and to serve as the fulcrum of Vanke Group pension business center as a whole transformation, there are at least two factors: the pension industry has great potential, Vanke has unique advantages. Vanke pension industry is still in the judgment now "Bronze Age" in the market early, but the Chinese aging process has already begun, China the most affluent population, 60 and 70, accounting for more than Chinese high net worth crowd of 34, 20 years later, these high net worth individuals once the old, in Congress on the huge pension demand. With this basic judgment, Vanke is very optimistic about the long-term development trend of pension business. Now many pension projects in the distribution, form of pension service standards, improve the pension service ability, it also decided to seek early Vanke layout in the pension business strategy." Liu Xiao, vice president of Vanke Group, Beijing regional CEO, Vanke pension business. For Vanke, the company has to do neighborhood pension gene. Vanke in the community, the number of mutual acquaintance between neighbors相关的主题文章: