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Beijing truck fire gas tank detonated injured 2 people injured by medical – Sohu news site map Beijing morning news site news (reporter Zhang Jingya) yesterday at 12 am, Beijing Shunyi District houshayu Tiejiangying village shipped a gas tank truck, fire to the user when inflated, and ignited a gas tank car explosion. Accident caused two men were slightly injured. Later, the two men on their own medical treatment, there is no harm. At present, the accident is still under further processing. Yesterday afternoon, the Beijing morning news reporters rushed to the scene, at Tiejiangying Village intersection is closed to traffic accidents, in the road to pull there cordon, there are a number of police and security guard, prohibited personnel. A large number of villagers in the vicinity of onlookers. Reporters saw the fire has been extinguished, more than wearing protective clothing firefighters are cleaning up the scene. You can see the van, the fire has burned half shell. The body was badly damaged, the truck sides and back baffle was blown up, a large number of car parts scattered on the ground. The cab car was full of dark. Reporters saw in the car next to the ground stacked with nearly 20 meters of gas tank about 1 meters, there are about 1.5 meters tall gas tank, were burned black, the ground is full of water mark. Witnesses Ma told reporters that the incident has been blown up the truck into the two paragraph, the car’s gas tank has been blown up the sky. He said, when the gas tank to send personnel to the merchant in the street filled with gas, gas tank suddenly caught fire and ignited the van next. "I heard ‘Bang’ bang, a gas tank exploded. Scared me to run behind the wall. Soon, it began to fire, the van’s front and body were blown apart". According to another witness said, a small truck caught fire, the driver saw smoke billowing down from the car, the body behind the clothes are on fire, can see the blood. "The driver must have been injured, and a nearby man was injured, but I don’t know what he was doing." Witnesses said that although some people tried to fight the fire, but because the fire is too large, failed. Soon, fire, emergency, police and other relevant departments rushed to the scene. Then, the gas repair personnel arrived at the scene investigation, at 4 pm, on-site disposal of the large crane truck crane to damage to the car (see photo), then leave the incident. More than sanitation workers to clean up the scene. Affected by the accident, Beijing Shen road, near the north side of the blacksmith camp caused serious congestion, passing vehicles slow. According to the scene is responsible for the rescue of firefighters said at 12:17 after receiving the alarm, quickly dispatched a number of fire engines rushed to the scene disposal, the accident caused a total of two people were injured in hospital, the specific situation is still under investigation. Reporters from the emergency department was informed that the injured men were minor burns are not serious, have their own medical treatment. Zhang Jingya photo相关的主题文章: