Beijing, Kunming – VIDEO – Mid Autumn Festival in Yunnan, a minor drug addicts and their

Beijing – VIDEO – Yunnan Kunming mid juvenile drug addicts and the Yunnan family Syrian family Kunming mid autumn juvenile drug addicts and family Syria affection [comment] recently, in the Mid Autumn Festival approaching, Yunnan Province, the first compulsory rehabilitation of minors brigade held a mid autumn open day activities. Let the families of drug addicts into the brigade, and in the treatment of children to the family. On the playground of the drug rehabilitation center, the children of minor drug addicts show the achievements of Tai Chi, martial arts and so on. Then, the drug addicts to find their relatives, with them to visit their living areas, work areas and functional areas. The uniform performance, the dormitory are arranged in good order, let the families see the shift in children. [the same period] (minor drug addicts family) in this day, I feel very excited. I saw my son’s transformation and saw my son’s rebirth. I’m very excited by the show they performed. During a visit to their living area, functional areas, their restaurant, the juvenile group rehab process, my heart is also very grateful to our country and our society to make every effort to help these minors, let these misguided lost children back home. [comment] according to reports, during the Spring Festival, mother’s day, Christmas and other holidays, Yunnan Province, the first compulsory rehabilitation of minors brigade will be hold activities designed to allow juvenile addicts families feel the changes in the child. The mid autumn festival held the opening day of the family education activities, effectively closer brigade with drug addicts and their families from. [the same period] (minor drug addicts) I think I have a good habit of living in all aspects of life, before the quilt in the home will not stack, came here to feel very good. Then habits are very good, the house will do their own health. Learn to work every day can also be a good treatment. Can cultivate a spirit to endure hardship, habits are also very good. I feel very happy, because I and my mother together for many years, suddenly so separate is also very uncomfortable, every day I think about my mother. Later this group has this habit, can let my mother come in I feel very happy, want to show my best side to them. [interpretation] in Yunnan Province, the first compulsory drug rehabilitation unit was established in 2014, specializing in the management of minors to focus on education. Here they re established values and behavior habits, learning electronic components assembly, textile and other skills. After two years of compulsory detoxification, they will start a new life. The same period [] (the first in Yunnan province compulsory rehabilitation of minors brigade Deputy captain Wang Zhiguo) students can face to communicate with their parents in the inside, hearts, family harmony. Then they can repair the relationship between their families, improve their confidence in drug rehabilitation, but also to improve their confidence to return to society. Reporter Dao Zhinan Kunming reports相关的主题文章: