Bao Beier exposed door design Bridesmaid sorry brother and his wife douke

Babel exposed Bridesmaid door is designed: sorry brother and wife Babel broke the wedding was the design of Sina entertainment news today, "the temptation" first exposure dinner ten minutes long video interview with Babel [micro-blog], this is Babel for the first time in the program open about the wedding incident. Babel and Liu Yan admit [micro-blog] after the wedding becomes very embarrassing; in addition to Liu Yan, he was sorry the Groomsmen brother and for his lifelong wife. Babel: never thought of "indecent" and "the first Bridesmaid" Liu Yan in "dinner" awkward relationship, Babel described in detail the entire wedding event, repeatedly stressed that he has never had the Groomsmen and bridesmaids "indecent" idea was just "Crazy", "forget Liu Yan is a girl, forget this thing is dangerous." In order to prevent exposure, Du Haitao was also the skirt of the ankle caught Liu Yan. Ma Dong asked, "you and Liu Yan in a company for more than and 10 years, in fact you are special friend", Babel only repeats "she is my first." But Babel also admitted that after the wedding, the relationship between the two people became very embarrassed, the relationship has gone forever. "I called Liu Yan, and Liu Yan said on the phone, but we were all embarrassed." In addition, Babel at the dinner also share a shocking fact. In order to ensure privacy, no wedding please any reporter, the video is popular micro-blog’s wedding was sent by the public. Who out of the news source, destroyed a circle of friends "Bridesmaid" incident behind if someone deliberately let all these doubts, dinner is also very confused. Circle of friends all got "Bridesmaid" sequela: Bao Beier has brought the huge impact sorry brother and wife "Bridesmaid door" to Bao Beier’s circle of friends, the public almost overwhelmingly abuse Bao Beier, some people even stand on the moral high ground, accused them of "everyone lived a rapist". Babel bursts of three and an apology statement, but the results are of no avail. At the dinner, Babel again responded, "self will be provided after the correct use of the swimming pool for users". Liu Yan, Babel is also very distressed, she has been attacked by some people, and even she has been misunderstood, I think at least as a friend, I am sorry for her." Compared to apologize to the public and Liu Yan, brothers and wives, Babel feel heartache. After the wedding, the Groomsmen have been affected, Han Geng [micro-blog] and Du Haitao questioned Sam Lee character, drunken quarrel with friends, and was originally second days album Wong Cho Lam [micro-blog] and therefore delay the cause, these let Bao Beier felt ashamed. The wife, Babel feel the most sorry". "Because one of my actions, let two people the most important day of life has been all blame and abuse day." Babel and the two couples have deliberately said nothing about the matter, visible "Bridesmaid door" has become the hearts of the two shadows. A dinner, let Babel be strong heart taoxintaofei. Wonderful speaker Ma Dong how to sort out the whole process of wedding events? Who is the wedding scene?相关的主题文章: