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Baidu takeaway refinancing, takeaway O2O platform burn wars reburning? Sohu technology according to Bloomberg news, Baidu official revealed to be in the near future for the Baidu takeaway takeaway market domestic financing of $500 million, the fierce "war" will be added in the war. It is reported that Baidu intends to take away the business for at least $300 million in financing, but the financing is not yet completed, the parties also said that the specific details are still confidential. Baidu declined to comment on the financing plan. Take out three big competition stalemate, Baidu’s $five hundred million in breakthrough? Today, the domestic takeaway market is hungry, Baidu takeaway and the United States to take away the three world seems to have become an indisputable fact. "Hunger breeds discontentment" makes the traditional catering industry has always been an important part of the third industry. The takeaway appears because of solving most people especially the diet consumption demand of white-collar groups of higher level — saving time, become the major areas for the red sea. According to iResearch 2016 "Chinese takeaway O2O industry development report" shows that in 2015 China takeaway O2O market size of 44 billion 240 million yuan, the takeaway market penetration rate of 18.5%, is expected in 2018 takeaway O2O market will exceed 150 billion yuan. Photo: iResearch consulting with the mobile Internet in the East, hungry turned out to set off the upsurge of takeaway O2O. The company was founded in 2009 to focus on the third party online ordering business, 2013 online transaction volume exceeded 1 billion yuan, while in 2014 it is after the explosive development reached 7 billion yuan. After seeing the takeaway O2O business, the U.S. group, Baidu have "the sea", has established a U.S. and Baidu takeaway. Since then, the domestic takeaway O2O market increasingly fierce war. In the Internet field, capital is always the most sensitive sense of smell. At the sight of the takeaway O2O "explosion of red, the major Internet giants have set foot in the field of takeaway O2O, set off a takeaway platform burn war. With the U.S. group and public comment combined to set up new big, hungry for the Alibaba and the ant payment service $1 billion 250 million financing, domestic O2O development into the second half". Overall, the overall size of the takeaway O2O market has stabilized, the industry is moving from the incremental market to the stock market competition. From now takeaway O2O traffic entrance, single app monopolized the era of the past, in the group with blessing, sharing of user traffic has become a new trend. It was hungry to get from Taobao and Alipay Ali app users in the Alibaba after the injection, the user traffic Baidu takeaway mainly from its Baidu maps and Baidu Nuomi, U.S. will benefit because the user and group purchase stock before the public comment after the merger with the user stickiness. Although 2016相关的主题文章: