American Express Po BMW X6 with your feelings Dream Tour-g227

BMW X6 express Xingbao Dream Tour everyone has a own ultimate travel experience with you, accustomed to the hundreds of thousands of flights to and from Europe, as everyone knows, and between the missed opportunity "to a". You can use a very extreme way to explore, to go off-road, breaking the old, one step ahead! One step ahead! Now, BMW launched X6 financial financial executives, BMW X6 immediately drove away, the road will go into the stage, the snow capped mountains, glaciers in, go to Himalaya, the Silk Road, as you like it, to the extreme distance, BMW to explore your financial paved one of the most ideal way! BMW X6 Wyatt loan financial plan – low down payment, flexible term has not the slightest heart? BMW X6 – Wyatt as sure as a gun, a financial plan for your noble building, in addition to let you enjoy the 40% down payment, payment by way of repayment of diversification, can let you have 36 months free loan period, let you flexibly dominate existing funds, more flexible balance can be adjusted flexibly than cases, how to also how do, investment, travel two! Taking BMW X6 xDrive28i as an example, the down payment required to pay 335200 yuan, can be divided into 36 phases, 8866 yuan per month for repayment, payment can be selected according to the actual situation of the balance of deferred or one-time pay off, flexible manner, if there are other investment plans, you can save space and leeway! For the plan to optimize the capital BMW X6 capacity, insurance installment intimate, reflected in the nuanced aspects, Car Buying at the same time, with good insurance, together for the month. BMW financial think you want to launch a special BMW monthly capacity, according to the Car Buying loan installment time, based in your vehicle price installments, vehicle insurance, key security together included staging, the turnover of capital is no longer the same problem, this scheme effectively reduces the Car Buying when the first payment the total amount, to ease the pressure, and can protect your car completely! Similar to the BMW X6 xDrive28i as an example, the loan period of 36, 3 years to pay for vehicle insurance as an example, compared to the original loan when mentioning the need to pay the full amount of insurance, now only based on financial plan on loan Wyatt, an increase of 1374 yuan per month, you can quickly go beyond the limit of this car is a reliable partner to explore on the road! The above insurance amount is for reference only, and then, the best actor: BMW X6, with a strong sense of movement TA strong appearance, no matter where it will cause a sensation, specifically what role? Depends entirely on the director of you! About BMW brand automobile BMW Beijing express Po BMW motorcycle BMW I BMW M in Beijing area, the whole series of products authorized dealers – Beijing express Hing brand BMW series authorized dealers – Beijing express Xingbao inquiries please to: Beijing express Hing 4S Center Address: Beijing City, Daxing District Xihongmen Zhen Ding Road No. 19 sales call: 400-681-6280 service call: 400-681-6280 the official web site:相关的主题文章: