After the girl suffered a car accident, the vision of the teeth into the eyes of the Department (Fig-yuanjiao

The girl had an accident with decreased vision after flying into orbit in the Department of teeth (Figure) original title: Suqian girl a car accident is flying into the teeth decreased visual acuity eyes examination film after surgery to remove the teeth not long ago, a car accident of junior middle school students feel a drop Tingting vision, when she came to the Jiangsu Province Traditional Chinese Medicine Hospital, unexpectedly find one of the teeth "fly" into the graceful eyes. At noon today, Tingting underwent surgery in the Department of Neurosurgery of Jiangsu Hospital of traditional Chinese medicine, the front teeth removed. This year, 13 year old Tingting is a junior high school student in Suqian, a month ago, one night, after the evening study, she rode the electric car to go home, in the cell door with another woman riding an electric car collided head-on. Tingting said that at that time around the black is not very light, when she was very close to the time to see someone in front of it, hit the. Tingting’s mother said, was to see each other when the other head bent may look at the dog, and then her head back, just hit my graceful forehead, forehead and mouth of the other side meet tingting. After the accident, the damage of the right brow Tingting seriously, in the local hospital doctors performed suture debridement treatment, however, the past few weeks, the graceful right eye blurred vision. When Tingting came to the provincial hospital department of Neurosurgery, the doctor was surprised to find that the foreign body, a teeth shaped card in the graceful on the brow, the front teeth have foreign body shape of eyeball caused Tingting oppression, affecting the visual tingting. Jiangsu Province Traditional Chinese Medicine Hospital neurosurgeon Fu Chuanjing said, from the film, on the edge of the right orbit Tingting, can see a similar to the shape of the teeth with other foreign bodies, with front teeth, teeth is a highly suspected foreign body. Because the tooth enamel is higher than the density of bones, teeth in front is relatively sharp, if the collision time, is sharp to the bone, this moment is to expose the bones of teeth, bones into the card. Tingting’s mother said, the electric car, the other is the defect of the three front teeth, there was no place to find the front teeth. At noon today, Tingting underwent surgery in the Department of Neurosurgery of Jiangsu Province Traditional Chinese Medicine Hospital, in the premise of damage around the optic nerve to avoid, the doctor will be stuck in the teeth down on the brow. Source: Jiangsu TV editor: Wu Yan相关的主题文章: