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After killing the man was arrested fled 32 years when he was arrested that came too fast original title: Inner Mongolia fled 32 years murder suspects were arrested when "come too fast" for the families of the victims of Siziwangqi police sent a banner. Police photo Beijing, Wulanchabu electric (Zhang Linhu) September 25 "think before I retire, can see this 32 years unsolved cracked." 25, the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region Siziwangqi Public Security Bureau police old stroked thick dossier, filled with a thousand regrets. In July 29, 1984, Siziwangqi Ji Tang Xiang Huang Yang Cheng Cun, disturbed the peace of the village of murder. At the age of 22 year old villager Zheng Wang (a pseudonym) with iron pan village women Ma Moumou killed, then go into hiding. Zheng Wang fled to a go without a trace, police handling multiple fruitless search. With the passage of time, a lot of the time the police have retired, police died of illness, even the village is the site of several changes, it seems difficult to solved the unsettled case. Since the incident, we have to go to the location of Zheng Wang relatives to find his whereabouts, but there is no clue, this person seems to disappear." Siziwangqi Public Security Bureau police brigade instructor zingerle said. March 2016, a Zheng Zheng clues to the Siziwangqi Public Security Bureau deputy brigade commander Liu Qiang excited: Zheng Wang is still alive, people in Shanxi. "We were inside the police in handling the account for farmers and herdsmen, recognized the Zheng Wang’s relatives, he set a Zheng Wang." Liu Qiang said. This news shocked the entire police bureau, the Secretary Xie Jinbin, quickly agreed to arrest the suspects to justice as soon as possible so that the scheme. "Then get the clue just know Zheng Wang may be in Shanxi, but the huge Shanxi looking for a man is to look for a needle in the ocean." Zingerle told reporters, the police began one investigation of Zheng Wang’s relatives in Shanxi, and the area where the relatives screened one line with the age of the staff. Through more than half a touch row, visit, comparison, and ultimately identified the suspect. And at this time Zheng Wang has become a "Wang Fei" in the local with a legal residence and identity card number. In September 5, 2016, when the police came to Zheng Wang home, he was surprised to have with a little relieved. "The total is coming, I did not expect you to come so fast, is to catch up with the harvest, I go left her (referring to his wife) a person busy." Zheng Wang asked his wife a few words after being taken to the police car. Zheng Wang’s arrest also let the victim Ma Moumou son Hai Ming (a pseudonym) the heart of stone off the ground. When the mother’s death on the murderer escape, let the Hamming still can not let go. The number of days ago, when 35 year old police received the Hamming phone, suddenly burst into tears, "caught the murderer, the mother can be happy." Hemming said that he was only three years old, the situation does not have any impression, only know that mother’s death also completely changed the fate of the whole family. "After the brother died, only leaving home and my father, my father often in tears, drink every day, more and more bad mental state." In the region at the age of 7, the father did not send Kay downhearted相关的主题文章: