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Adolescent depression: Taka Mio students found depression newspaper news (reporter Hu Fangyuan correspondent Gao Ting) is reading high school student Xiao Qing (a pseudonym) because of persistent headaches and chest tightness, long-term insomnia, can not concentrate in class, parents were sent to hospital, and 5 departments, was eventually diagnosed with depression. Yesterday, a couple with 16 year old son into the Wuhan University (scores, professional settings) people’s Hospital Mental Health Center Director Liu Zhongchun consulting room. The mother looked helplessly, said: we have run 4 departments of the hospital, and later said the need to see a psychiatrist, we do not believe, please help me look at my son." Originally, Xiao Qing always recently headache, palpitation, night don’t sleep well, and his family often tantrum; preparing for the college entrance examination the key moment of the first round of review, Xiao Qing results are worse. Take the kids to go to look at the Department of Neurology, insomnia, headache, palpitation and since then to find the Department of Cardiology, respiratory medicine, gastroenterology. "Maybe the child may be a mental problem." A physician reminded her of her mother. "Young, how can there be depression?" In order to be able to recover the child, the family with a child to find Liu Zhongchun. Liu Zhongchun on the child HAMD-17 depression scale test, the data was 18, diagnosed with moderate depression. Liu Zhongchun for children out of a special prescription, in addition to drugs, to help children remember the happy childhood ten things, imagine a place like to guide their children into a relaxed state. Liu Zhongchun told the parents of the child, as far as possible for children to create a relaxed environment, a happy thing to celebrate the timely home, encourage children to bask in the sun, do more outdoor exercise, sunlight can improve children’s emotions, but regularly to review. Liu Zhongchun called for adolescent depression to early identification, whether it is a psychiatrist for help themselves or the people around, is a very common thing, should not be with special respect.相关的主题文章: