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According to Buddhist master: there are four stages of your master according to the stage at which the Buddha Dharma, such as empty, clean with no defilements, but Buddha Amitabha two earth Buddha lustrating oneself heart of all big reality shows wonderful principle, very special unbelievable. The Buddha in delusion to present Buddha, only this one is to start from this effort, no more abstruse available. But practice diligently read the name of Amitabha, as Kung Fu, and gains and losses, but also a little about one or two, lest their groundless doubts. Usually people read the Buddha can be divided into several stages: the initial stage, with confidence, very pure feeling, can make their own Buddha’s thoughts is eliminated, the heart often pure joy. The second stage, continue to work hard, but gradually began to feel some more, more and more, Everfount, like the water, cut constantly tangled, and easy to start the habit nameless trouble. The third stage, gradually calm down think delusion, is useful and effective practice, good words to others right and wrong, good hard not effective, although the heart is fond of teaching others, ANN, but if you do not perceive their habits at work, I will turn back the time. The fourth stage, the Buddha sophisticated, thickly, faint into peace of mind chanted Qingming realm, so you can open the kung fu film, originally, attain Samadhi buddha. The Buddha are still in the initial stage on the way to the second stage, not slack heedlessness and retreat!相关的主题文章: