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Arts-and-Entertainment Magic tricks are a lot of fun to watch and theyre also fun to perform. Many kids especially love magic and they also would love to be able to perform some tricks. Many tricks are too difficult for kids to perform. However, there are some tricks that are easy to perform. Sawing a Lady in Half is a fun magic trick for kids to perform. For this trick you will need paper, an envelope, a pen, and scissors. With the paper you want to make a figure of a lady and then cut it out. Then you want to seal the envelope and cut off both ends. This will create a tube. On the bottom of the tube you want to make two slits with the scissors. You want the slits to be big enough so that the paper doll can fit through them. Now you can prepare to perform the trick. What you want to do is slide the doll into the envelope. When you slide the doll in you want to slide her out the first slit so that the doll .es out the backside of the envelope. Then slide the doll back through the second slit so that she goes back into the tube and out the other end. This will give the appearance that the doll is .pletely in the tube. Now .es the part of the fun magic trick for kids to actually perform. While people are watching, explain that you will take the scissors and cut the tube and the doll in half. Then take the scissors and cut the tube. This is the most important part. When you cut you have to make sure the scissors go over the top of the center of the doll the part that runs outside the envelope. That way when you make a cut, the envelope will be cut in half but the doll wont. (Of course the spectators wont know this.) After you make the cut youll have to hold the envelope together. Then pull out the doll and show that it wasnt harmed. As you are displaying the doll, quietly crumple the envelope so that people wont be able to ask to examine it. And that will .plete the trick. Sawing a Lady in Half is a fun magic trick for kids to perform. This is an easy trick and its entertaining for people to watch. Any kid can perform this trick using only scissors, paper, an envelope, and a pen. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: