A Cheng Chinese is not good, if not good morality bleep

A Cheng: Chinese is not good, if not good "good" at the beginning of 2016, the first collection of A Cheng’s works published in "A Cheng anthology", including "three kings" representative, is also involved in writing, movies, music, painting, photography, collections, Literary Anecdotes and other aspects of the prose essays, is currently A Cheng’s works included the most complete version, and edited by A Cheng himself, Yang Kui as special. This karma, rarely in public speaking A Cheng, this time in the literature department of Renmin University of China Dean Sun Yuhe publisher of Han Tang Yangguang invited and contributed, in September 28th at the Renmin University of China, "China secular and China literature" as the theme of the speech. Two hours of lecture, A Cheng did not prepare papers, by the mind in poetry, talk about the rise and development of modernism, and its effect on the Chinese of contemporary literature, influence more China culture structure and change, and finally return to secular literature. Phoenix culture will be edited by Mr. A Cheng’s speech below, to share with you. Chinese secular and literary time: September 28, 2016 afternoon China location: public teaching building of Renmin University of China building 1305 room A Cheng said "contemporary writers, I only know this is taboo later." A Cheng: I’m used to talking to no more than 20 people. I’m a little hot. Twenty years ago there was a booklet called "Chinese chat time", is about Chinese secular and Chinese novels. The book, which is the manager of the times press in Taiwan, told me about a book, and I put together a number of lectures on the topic, reflecting the level of the audience in the early 90s of last century. The people outside are more direct, often ask, for example, how to look at Jia Pingwa’s novels, asked about the novel of Mo Yan, so there is a collection of this part, specifically the contemporary writer. I know it’s taboo later, can not specifically say. Of course, there are consequences, I bear the consequences. I have a lot of respect for Mr. Jia Pingwa, but the specific answer to the question, on the issue, but not comprehensive. Back home, they say you can not think so, to bend around the point directly, said sales will be affected. So I don’t answer this question. At that time people and overseas are more concerned about the Chinese of the vanguard novel, pioneer novel in that era of momentum is very busy, I did a little adjustment according to this momentum, do not speak because of secular, pioneer, pioneer involves the problem of modernity. China not subvert the inheritance system or subvert the mainstream argument, mainstream thinking, such as the Ming Dynasty Li Zhi wrote the "book burning", "childlike" are subversive is. Li Zhisi in Beijing, the tomb in Tongzhou, Tongzhou is now the deputy center of the, we are interested can go to look at the tomb of Li Zhi, in order to avoid the demolition of the tomb. Li Zhi was a great subversion of the prevailing things. The avant garde novel is actually a Western concept. Why come from the west? Because at that time the West has completed modernization, into the post-modern. The concept of "modern" and "post-modern", if we are not very clear, or do not have a general judgment, will affect our understanding. At the same time, if there are a lot of people who want to create, will also affect.相关的主题文章: