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90 master save the drowning young sacrifice remains still remain lifted the attitude of Wuhan Institute of Technology graduate Chen Fei, some schools not finishing. He Duyan students Wu as readily said could run errands, lest she back and forth. In November 8th, Chen Philippines agreed to the school to find Wu Da, the procedure has been done tuotuotietie, old classmate Wu Da did not…… "I heard he was in order to save a drowning child did not land, he was only 26 years old……" The news that Chen Fei broke down in tears. The event of poor students to save the expense of Wu Da is Wuhan Institute of Technology School of law and economics 2015 Marx economics professional research two students. Home in Hubei Chibi rural areas, parents are honest farmers, born in 1990, is home to the youngest wu. As a result of a small child, after college, distressed parents to earn money hard, sensible Wu hit four or five jobs, never looking for a home to live expenses. He also took the initiative to serve as an international college volunteers, in order to help students adapt to domestic life as soon as possible, he moved to the foreign student building, with them to eat and live together, when they have the obligation to live a guide. Manassehtshuma, a student from Zimbabwe, came to school in September this year and was not used to life in Wuhan. In November 4th, Wu Da offered to take manassehtshuma to his home to experience the culture and China distraction. Manassehtshuma readily agreed. November 6th at 2 o’clock, Wu was with manassehtshuma and Daniel, small zhe (for two minors, the family should be required to play with a pseudonym) a reservoir near downtown Chibi. Daniel and small zhe Wu of the weekend as a part-time teacher taught children in the city of Chibi, a training school, a junior middle school, a middle school on weekdays, the teacher-student relationship is very good, often eat together to play together. Reporters yesterday in Chibi City, Chibi Town, see Wu of sacrifice rescued young small zhe. 12 year old children think of the scene is still out of control, tears. Sunny day, 4 people walked along the reservoir, Wu saw a wooden boat up to the edge of the reservoir, offer boating. The 4 side paddle side and laughing, manassehtshuma exposed smile, but also a micro letter with friends and share the view. In a corner, suddenly, sitting in the stern of the small zhe center of gravity fell into the lake, shouting "help". Manassehtshuma told reporters that it happened too suddenly, at that time, he and Daniel was scared silly. I heard the splash, Wu of the clothes did not have time to take off and dived into the water to save small zhe. Manassehtshuma quickly put the oar handed over, small zhe grabbed the oars, shoulders and head of Wu zhe body, small zhe rescued on the ship. And then ready to pull Wu Da, Wu Da did not get up. Another child Xiaowei, put himself at home in the Wu Da after the accident, did not speak for two days. "He just said the teacher left, sad heart, could not eat, do not want to see anyone." Daniel grandma Ms. Hu said yesterday. Yesterday, small zhe mother took the children to send home Wu as "self sacrifice" banner, two people holding crying into a ball. "I’ll be your son.相关的主题文章: