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Self-Improvement If you are currently suffering from the shame and embarassment of having male breasts I understand your pain! They are incredibly embarassing, especially when a female like a girlfriend or wife tells you, you have male breasts! Within this special article I plan on showing you 3 simple exercises to lose your male breasts for good. You have to follow these steps and use this plan as a daily regimen to remove your chest fat. Just remember that reading these tips is half the battle. The other half is implementing these 3 following strategies: Exercises to lose male breasts #1 – The most important method of exercises to lose your male breasts is cardio training. You will want to push your cardio training where your heart is going at 70% of its maximum rate. I recommend you try different exercises like swimming, jogging, martial arts classes, riding a bike, cross country skiing, hitting a gym, walking on a stair climber, whatever makes you sweat hard, do! Being able to torch off fat by eating properly and doing tons of cardio are the essential ways to lose your male breasts for good. Exercises to lose male breasts #2 – The second powerful exercise for losing chest fat is none other then doing squats with heavy weights at the gym. Now this isn’t a fitness article, but I recommend you learn how to do squats properly. Why should you workout your legs to lose your chest fat? The answer is really simple. Since you are suffering from male breasts, it means your body is suffering from a hormonal imbalance and you have too much estrogen. When you do squats, it pumps up your testosterone and amplifies the muscle growth and fat loss all over your body. One of the best ways to increase your testosterone, improve your fat burning and lower your estrogen is doing squats. Exercises to lose male breasts #3 – One of the greatest exercises you can do for losing your chest fat is none other then bench presses and lots of pushups. When you are lifting the weights at the gym you want to attack your chest muscles in as many different ways as possible. You will have to do a lot of pushups on a daily basis, as well as go to the gym and do specific exercises that target your pecs. In a month or two of following these exercises to lose male breasts you will see an improvement in your chest size and over all health! About the Author: 相关的主题文章: