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Shopping-and-Product-Reviews Several elite military units and law enforcement agencies around the world are preferring the Sig Sauer made pistols. Precision, designs and durability are some of the factors that you should consider while choosing Sig Sauer firearms. They have classic and outstanding models that began coming to the market since 1985. The first model that was used by the military agencies was P220 semi-automatic rifles. This was a pistol for professional sport shooters and snipers. The SIG classic or traditional pistols used advanced technologies. The models that followed were Sig Pro and the SP 2022 pistols. The Sig Pro was a polymer frame made and of exceptionally high value. The traditional Sig Sauer 1911 The various 1911 traditional weapons from Sig Sauer offered a great platform to military firearms. Some of the best in line were 1911 Reverse Two-Tone, 1911 Traditional Compact Stainless and 1911 Traditional Tacops. Upgraded additions included the Elite Stainless and Two-Tone Match Elite. The calibre cartridges famous with these traditional Sig Sauer pistols are 9mm, .40 S&W and .22LR. All models in this range had a match-graded barrel, optimum gripping and three-hole trigger. The P models of Sig Sauer The highest number of Sig Sauer pistols are in this series and the list is enormous. The earliest pistols include P220, P224, P210, P238, P290, P226, P250. The newest additions were P556 Swat, P556, P220 Compact, P226 x Five and P220 carry. These models vary in specification and also use. In the revised versions changes were brought about such as P220 R Compact and Compact SAS Gen 2. Unfailing shots and firing up to 10,000 round bullets a day were its main features. The P250 models are considered the best tactical handguns in the American military. Being modular in kind, this pistols operate on adjustable caliber and grip size. 9Mm, .40S&W and .357 SIG. There is not the slightest compromise on accuracy and quality performance. Sig Sauer Mosquito This range of Sig Sauer pistols have a tough frame, accessory rail, adjustable sights and stainless body. It is also popular as the .22 LR handgun and have five models – Mosquito TwoTone, Mosquito Desert Digital Camo, Mosquito Pink Finish, Mosquito Multi Cam and Mosquito Purple. They have a classy look and a favorite for instant shot rather than long-time focus. Certified Pre-Owned Sig Sauer Stringent testing and certification process makes this Sig Sauer pistol a significant one. They are function tested and manually inspected by expert factory technician. These pistols are extremely popular among military personnel. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: