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UnCategorized Potty training a toddler is no easy task. Any parent who is going through the potty training process, should enter into it with the realistic expectation that they will be facing at least a minimum number of accidents. No child is perfect and few toddlers master toilet training in a single day without the usual hiccups. When the inevitable accidents do occur, it is imperative that parents handle them in the right way to keep their potty training progress on the right track. After an accident, it is best to leave your toddler in their dirty undergarments. Of course you will only want to do this for a moment or so, but it is a best practice to allow them to understand the difference between being clean and being dry. You do not want to punish your child, but it is a good idea to teach them whenever possible. A slip in the potty training process is never a reason to make your toddler feel bad. Speak to your child in a firm tone and let them know that what has occurred is something you are trying hard to avoid. Explain your expectations and make sure they understand what is you are asking to do. Never use an innapropriate, angry, hurtful or derogatory tone. Doing so will only lead to a less than positive result. Try phrasing your lesson in a positive manner: Oh no! You went (number one or number two) in your underwear. Now you are wet. I am sure that you cannot feel very good right now (shaking your head). That is why you are supposed to go in the potty! Okay, we can go and get you cleaned up now. After a minute, ask your child if they know where they are supposed to go potty. Of course, they are more than likely to say yes (and probably with enthusiasm). Reward your toddler with the praise they are hoping for, and let them know they have given you the proper answer. One of the best tactics for consistently positive toilet training is to take advantage of each and every teachable moment, and then move on with your day without discussing the potty training accident any further. In the event of a follow-up accident (which is more than likely) you should simply repeat the above procedure. Always remember – it is best to keep your patience in check. Potty training is a process, not an event. An impatient attitude will only make potty training feel as though it is taking forever. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: