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.puters-and-Technology Technological advances and .petitive business environment have provoked motivated individuals and enterprises to make use of the latest technologies and trendiest devices. In an era of consumerism, IT giants have given the world, devices that are more powerful than the desktops and workstations which enable them access to critical information even on the move. Nevertheless, this anytime, anywhere access to the critical information and the ability to store data in backup systems, cloud, as well as mobile devices, tends to break the corporate boundaries set for the data. Despite the number of data backup solutions made available, today’s end-users find that the data protection and recovery process cannot withstand the cyber attacks. Hence, enterprises today look for a more holistic system that will cover all applications, systems and data in a cost-effective and resilient way. The game changing innovations, such as cloud technology have provoked IT giants to build a platform wherein data backup, disaster recovery and archiving form the different phases of a continuous process, called the data protection life cycle. By harnessing the power of virtualization, the IT leaders can help enterprises with data protection life cycle services that will simplify IT operations, eliminate repetitive data and activities while safeguarding data. With digital identity management being the need of the technology enabled enterprises, the data protection life cycle services consider a number of business challenges such as: * Proliferation of privacy and data protection laws, * Visibility into data flow within and outside the enterprise. * Selection of right data protection solutions. * Integration of data protection solutions with the existing technologies. * Optimizing the solutions to ensure accuracy. The leading providers of data protection life cycle services implement a six phase approach to protect the critical business data. This includes: * Data Protection Governance * Data risk Assessments * Data flow analysis * Data Protection Solutions, Evolution and architecture * Data Protection solution Implementation * DLP Incident management With the help of this data protection life cycle approach, enterprises can establish a data protection and implementation governance framework to work out effective data protection strategies & implementation road maps. Further, this also facilitates identifying of the high level data leakage risk vectors and processes, as well as help enterprises recognize the sensitive data flow between external and internal stakeholders. This approach helped enterprises to conduct data element analysis and helps them evaluate the data protection solutions to configure and customize policies. Evaluating the data protection solutions helps enterprises to develop integrated architecture designs that ensure integration of data protection solutions with existing technologies and optimizing these to provide accuracy in digital identity management across the corporate .works. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: