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Mobile-Cell-Phone Much words and conflicting debate are widely spread between Nokia N95 and iPod iPhone which both are landmarks in the mobile phone industry. The two giant phones leave us abounding imaginations and topics of what ultimate form a mobile phone could be and how our life will be changed. By doing a detailed research I find 3 attributes that are shared by most popular phones. Power functions. A mobile phone is no longer a phone what people think before and should not be limited by the word. New functions drive people empty their pocket to try to own the device. Both N95 and iPhone are feature-packed phones. iPhone features double touch, integrated google map that are new technologies that never appear on cell before. Function explosion make mobile phones more sophisticated and user-friendly, making it an essential tool for a modern life. N95 is more prone to be felt like a grand traditional giant mobile phone. It has built-in GPS, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, FM, etc and most of all smart OS and the extremely unparalleled camera which are fascinations of millions of camera phone fanatics. Conversely, iPhone gives us a new fresh feeling of concept phone. iPhone is a phone full of secrets, unlimited access of Internet and superb experience of multimedia given that iPod dominates the world with its music device series. In terms of attractive and impressive form design, I think N95 outdo iPhone in this aspect. N95 touts itself with the unique dual slide on the traditional yet still popular handy bar. While iPhone looks nothing more than a brick. I mean bulk. History of cell development already told us every fully researched and usability based new design that evoked customer resonance were widely adopted and popularized. Clamshell mobile phone, slide mobile phone both design were very hot at a time and caused shopping rush. Acknowledging this, many mobile phone brands grip a special form design as one of the advantages to .pete their rivals. Take Nokia 7900 Prism as a instance. The prism gains large attentions by its prism keyboard and marked as a stylish phone. Actually 7900 has no significant improvements than its cousins but the special design do adds elegance and beauty. User friendliness. The king of mobile phone spirit. A cell phone should put user experience as its first and foremost consideration. Nokia believe a mobile phone should give the user freedom of .munications. That why all Nokia cells have keyboard for fast text messaging. And this thought also wonderfully represented in N95 dual slide. iPhone had no keyboard but its dual touch and virtual keyboard fill this void. Also noticed, the size of the screen is getting bigger and more colorful. This is following the trend of customer based multimedia entertainment. A big colourful screen is sure to be a unbeaten feature that gives vivid movie showing and game playing. iPhone is the pioneer of this principle by rolling out the 3.5 inch screen device. And Nokia N95, a 2.6 inch screen is seldom seen in other Nokia series. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: