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Health No one wants to lose a tooth, especially not all of his or her teeth. However, with age you might end up losing your teeth. Luckily advancements in dentistry help to restore your smile and appearance. Dentures are dental appliances that can be removed and put in place of missing teeth and adjacent tissues. There are two types of dentures- .plete and partial-so whether you are missing all of your teeth or only a few, there is a custom-made solution for you. Today, dentists can hand craft dentures to closely match your natural teeth and make improvements in the appearance of your smile. Advanced materials used to fabricate the dentures are more .fortable, more durable and better fitting than ever before. Why Replace Missing Teeth Replacing your missing teeth can have substantial benefits for both your appearance and your overall health. *Durability. Today’s dentures are strong, durable and can last many years *Improved Appearance. With natural looking dentures, your smile will once again be .plete, which can dramatically improve your appearance *Restored Self-Confidence. Dentures allow you to smile with confidence rather than being embarrassed by missing teeth *Increased Functionality. With dentures, you can chew, eat and speak normally- just as you would with your natural teeth Adjusting to Your New Smile Like with any new dental appliance, it may take time to adjust to your new smile. Learning to chew and speak with your new dentures will take a little practice. In order to help your mouth muscles adjust and ensure a smooth transition, it is best to start off by eating soft foods. As your .fort and confidence levels increase, begin to add more healthy foods back into your diet. Always be cautious of hot or hard foods and remember to chew slowly. For speaking with dentures, practice at home. While it may be difficult to pronounce certain words at first, rest assured that your speech will improve quickly with time. Caring for Your Dentures In order to maintain the natural smile that dentures can provide, you must care for your dentures as you would for your natural teeth. *Clean your dentures regularly using a specially designed denture toothbrush *Continue to practice good dental care, brushing your gums, tongue and palate daily to remove plaque *Avoid biting directly into hard foods *Soak and clean dentures overnight *Eat a healthy diet *Handle dentures carefully so not to drop them *Visit your Camas, WA dentist regularly for checkups and contact your dentist with any problems or pain While dentures may have carried a negative stigma in the past, dentures custom-crafted by your Camas dentist today can look, feel and function very closely to your natural teeth. If you like millions of Americans suffer from tooth loss, ask your dentist if dentures are the right solution for you. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: