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Business Recent events in the U.S. revealed that there are many unsolved issues related to data protection and its impact on businesses. Efficient Data Protection Is Number One Priority For Your Business Success As information is one of the most valuable resources every company has, efficient data protection is becoming priority No 1 to ensure a suitable security level. According to LRNs Ethics & Compliance Leadership Survey Report*, business leaders admitted that poor data management is an enormous threat for all industries. 78% of respondents claimed that data privacy is the main issue they have to face in 2013 and 68% see proper electronic data protection as an area that is extremely important for business. These insights show that if companies want to survive in an ever changing and enormously risky market, they cannot afford to rely on old data protection strategies. But what should your business consider before switching to a new strategy? Three Things To Consider Before Employing The New Data Protection Strategy Every company wants efficient data protection. Here are three simple steps you should follow to protect your business from potential risks: Know who you are- Identifying the values and mission of your business is the first step towards greater transparency. Additionally, try to understand how data protection and overall security contribute to enhancing those values. Discuss this with employees everybody should look to the same direction if you want to ensure the success of your strategy. Educate your employees- To avoid failures in data protection, teach your employees the essentials. They might think that there is nothing wrong in downloading a file or breaking protection to access some websites, but the reality is different. The smallest irresponsible step can damage a companys information resources. Limit access- Some businesses make a huge mistake by allowing every employee to access to all the companys information. Firstly, this is an inefficient solution finding what you really need within an enormous amount of data requires extra time that could be used for accomplishing other tasks. Secondly, not all employees need the sensitive information to perform their tasks, so why take a risk and allow too many people access to it? Create an information hierarchy give top managers more access but limit resources that assistants or interns can see. Of course, these three steps cannot solve all data management problems. Before recreating an existing strategy, a business has to identify its strengths and weaknesses in order to enhance the former and minimise the latter. However, for the best results you will need advice from qualified professionals. Professional Data Protection Services From Recall Recall is a leading international information management company with a wealth of experience in providing data protection solutions. They work in various industries and have already solved many complex cases, so their knowledge is based on real life situations. Professional Recall information managers are always ready to advise and find the best solution for every client. If you want to know more about their data protection solutions, contact them or visit their website. For more information call 08456 732255, email [email protected] or visit ..recall.co.uk/ About the Author: 相关的主题文章: