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Mobile-Cell-Phone Apple Inc. has brought so many magnificent products in last few years and Apple iPad is one of them. This tablet has gained so much popularity in the world that most of the tech savvy are dying to to get it in their hands. To give a tough competition to Apple’s iPad, Samsung is going to launch its tablet cum smart phone worldwide soon. The various features of Samsung Galaxy Tab are better than iPad. So, it seems this awesome device will sweep away the beautiful Apple iPad if it enters into the market. Let’s have a quick look on various features of Samsung Galaxy Tab that might overshadow iPad’s grace. The most prominent difference between the two devices is that Samsung Galaxy Tab is a tablet cum smart phone whereas Apple iPad Deals is not equipped with any phone feature. The another difference between the two is that Samsung Galaxy Tab is integrated with dual cameras but Apple iPad lacks camera feature.Several differences can be made on the basis of software configuration. Samsung Galaxy Tab is running the latest Android v2.2(Froyo) but Apple iPad is running iOS. Galaxy Tab is having a support of Adobe flash player which is completely omitted in Apple iPad. Undoubtedly, there are so many features that are awesome in Apple iPad like its 9.7 inches wide display screen but due to this it can’t be carried in pocket. On the other hand, Samsung Galaxy Tab is embedded with 7.0 inches wide display and it is very handy to keep in pocket. Let’s move to the various deals made available on the two stunningly beautiful and hi-tech devices.If you want to avail any of the two aforementioned devices then go for iPad vs Samsung Galaxy Tab contract deals. This comparison will help you a lot to choose the best one for yourself and that’s too at very affordable price.Almost, all the top ranking service providers are offering contract deals over Apple iPad that make a great value for buyer’s money. Although, there is a little time left in the launch of Samsung Galaxy Tab even though many Samsung Galaxy Tab contract deals have made their entry into the market. About the Author: – – – – – – – – – – 相关的主题文章: