How Are Interest Rates Set-若槻ゆうか

As I’ve said, interest rates are set based on the yield in the bond market at any given time. Let’s show an example. If, for example, a $100,000.00 bond falls in value to $95,000.00, the corresponding yield (return) is significantly higher. Because the yield is higher, the prevailing interest rate that is set for the mortgage must offset the higher yield and provide a return on the mortgage for the lending institution. With all things being equal, the rates on fixed rate mortgages would tend to rise. Multiple Forces in The Economy There are many factors influencing interest rates for your California home loan in the US economy. Higher interest rates can cause fluctuations in the stock market which in turn affects the bond market. In fact, the bond market and the stock market are opposite sides of the same coin. One can’t move without the other. If the US Dollar rallies, bonds dip; when oil prices dip, bonds can as well. Generally speaking, when the bond market is up, the stock market is down. In addition, if economic news is worse or better than expected, it will cause a fluctuation in the US dollar currency pairs in the spot Foreign Exchange market (the FOREX), which can affect the bond market and in turn rates. A quick example. A couple of weeks ago from this writing, the US New Jobs report was projected at 350,000 — it only came in at 10% of that or 35,000. Once the report was announced, literally IMMEDIATELY the GBP/USD currency pair (Great British Pound and US Dollar) spiked upward. The GBP dramatically increased in strength with the US Dollar weaker. One FOREX trader I know literally made $3,500 in five minutes as he projected the claims to be much less than expected. Also, interest rates dropped that day due to the lackluster jobs report. .ing into the office that day, a wise loan agent would have locked some loans or at the least knew interest rates would had gone down that day. Truly, the US economy is a highly interdependent .anism that is very fluid and dynamic — it is never static or motionless. Some of the key economic indicators that affect the economy, and in turn interest rates, are: Durable Goods Orders New Home Sales US Trade Balance Jobless Rate Weekly Initial Jobless Claims Fed Chairman Speech Before Congress The key economic indicators that can affect the bond market with corresponding fluctuations are: Consumer Confidence Retail Sales Manufacturing Activity Industrial Production Jobs Growth Inflation There you have it. There are many forces at work in determining what your rate is on any given day. So the next time you ask a loan agent, "what are rates like today?" You’ll see there’s a lot behind it. 相关的主题文章: