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The new mother can’t sleep well how to do – Sohu new mothers postpartum maternal sleep is also very important, good quality of sleep can help mothers as soon as possible nursed back to good health, can also make the new mentality better mother. However, many women have sleep problems. So, how to do a new mother sleep well? The following Xiaobian for everyone to do a detailed answer. First, why the poor quality of maternal sleep 1 postpartum physical decline most women postpartum body will appear some discomfort, such as uterine pain, abdominal pain, etc.. Especially for caesarean section women will appear wound pain phenomenon. These pain can affect the maternal sleep. So they can’t fall asleep. 2 postpartum women postpartum mood will face a variety of problems, such as shape, it is very difficult to recover, which make the mother feel very bad; and because of family reasons, after the birth of a child to spend, if the family economic conditions are not good, new mothers also need to worry about. There is a female postpartum temper will be greater than before, more family conflicts, affect the mood of the mother. 3 the harassment of the baby when the baby came around, the mothers day will become more busy. To busy to your baby, defecation, wash sieve, especially at night, the baby every few hours to eat, this time will disturb the sleep of mothers. Two, improve the quality of maternal sleep a good way to have a regular diet 1 pregnant women want to quickly restore the body, diet is very important. Women don’t because the baby crying and forget to eat. Women can choose in their own dinner before the baby to eat, if you eat when the baby crying, can choose to have their own family to take care of, after you eat again according to a baby. 2 postpartum to be more outgoing women should pay attention to their own heart, not because of pressure and suffer from postpartum depression, if you have postpartum depression, sleep quality is not good. If you want to have a good sleep after the birth, let your mood up. Postpartum women can let their friends come home to stay with them to chat. In the postpartum can be appropriate to watch some TV drama, pay attention to the time should not be too long, or detrimental to the eyes and body health. 3 women in the family after the production of the heart will become particularly sensitive, so the whole family need to take good care of women. First of all, the family and mother to take care of the baby; second, the family to take the time to chat with the mother, the evening can be taken care of by the old man at home, to ensure that the mother has a good sleep. If you want to have a good sleep after birth, alone is not enough, you need the support of the family. Women should pay attention to adjust their own heart, arrange their own postpartum what people need to do something about the attention, let oneself have a good sleep.   相关的主题文章: