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What is a German hotel like? Two of our trip in the tourism hotel Sohu belong to the Deutsche Hospitality hotel group, hotel group has more than 110 hotels, mostly in Germany, in addition, visitors can also find different brands and styles group in Austria, Switzerland, Holland, Egypt, Turkey and other places of the hotel. The group’s collection of three hotel brands: Steigenberger Bo Shi tegen represents the Court Hotel and resorts to luxury and hospitality; for the future of the brand Jaz in the City to look young and full of vigour of urbanization city life; the center position and suitable for business travelers brand InterCity Hotels Intercityhotel Ulm is located in the city an important transportation hub. As one of Germany’s oldest hotel group Deutsche Hospitality Hotel Group has gone through a journey of 85 years in the hotel industry, has a pure German descent, is very concerned about the quality and details of the pursuit of the perfect and flawless service, that every guest to provide convenient and high-quality stay to enjoy and thus enhance the brand the loyalty of target. German descent, made in Germany can be described as the biggest feature of the hotel Deutsche Hospitality. If you decide to go to Germany to visit, in addition to enjoy the scenery, feel the German in Germany, the German folk taste delicacy, you should also reflect in German culture, German style, inherited by the local people to trust and love of the hotel, a full range of feelings "made in Germany" super high quality. Shi Bo sun Ge tegen yuan hotel run more rarely what local heart health, can make people feel that the time is wasted. And Bart Wallis Hofen is located in the court of the sun Court (Steigenberger Hotel Der Sonnenhof) is such a unique wonderful. "Not only self-cultivation, humanized service also want the heart" to make every guest in the elegant atmosphere completely relax. Shi Bo sun yuan Ge tegen hotels to Bart woerishofen spa park and health garden, have 156 tastefully furnished rooms and Suites, is left in the Bavaria Alps treasure. Color and material selection for all furnishings layout, hotel and even walls and carpet to relax, live visual tactile feel off the heavy, moist places with each guest just perfect heart. Located in the courtyard of the sun terrace, embedded in the grass in the independent cabin, open-air viewing corridor allows the occupants to experience the full integration into the natural beauty. In Shi Bo sun Ge tegen Yuan Hotel, in the morning, I love the green natural respiratory therapy will be just perfect cut, wash out winding on the balcony "". Although the next autumn, the garden flowers are still in bloom in the morning dew is not half rest state, but could not bear to live up to the youth, will be a fragrance scattered everywhere, not far from a mixture of Amritsar Lake (Ammersee) to sneak here around the soft water vapor.相关的主题文章: