Huzhou yesterday rain in recent good weather may see frost-姉summer

Huzhou yesterday rain in recent good weather recently may see frost lake city weather, to enter a "steady state", every day, rain rain rain, different rain seems to be the only big or small rain. Reporters learned yesterday from the Municipal Meteorological Observatory, hippocampus impact on Huzhou has almost ended, today, the lake will be cloudy, but may still be scattered spots of light rain. Count it, last Wednesday, the rain in the lake has been down, to yesterday, has lasted 5 days. Many small partners Tucao, clothes hanger has been hung up, and then go down there is no clothes to wear. What’s the weather like? The typhoon has gone, can also take away the rain? "The recent good weather or not." City meteorological experts told reporters that at present, there is a new rainfall system is slowly close to our city. A little good luck, may usher in a rain when tomorrow, cloudy to cloudy weather primarily, the day after tomorrow to rain. But if the bad luck a little rain to us early move over it, the rain is also connected with the. In another development, yesterday was the "frost", according to the twenty-four solar term in the algorithm, this is the last solar term of autumn, because the next solar term should be "Lidongben" in winter. Enter after the frost, many parts of northern China will enter the end of autumn, winter partly hidden and partly visible. But for located in the south of Huzhou, the "frost" autumn season is the best time. However, before the "frost" and "White Dew" "dew" compared to light literally we can feel a strong fall more, and even feel cooler than a day for a day, we still have to pay attention to add clothes.相关的主题文章: