Sina has been difficult to view Li Shishi Kwan kija wins the title-追踪309

Sina view: Li Shishi has been difficult to yifudangguan kija straight sword Samsung Cup semi-final board Ke Jiesheng Li Shishi sina sports fast-paced era, joy and pain have no taste. Should the cup final victory over the negative us it has not disappeared, Samsung Cup semi-final after another, again against South Korea again, Ke Li war, time seems to go back to the beginning of this year at the end of the dream cup five times winner duel lily. The Samsung Cup qualifier China players change radically, autumn leaves, 14 seats across the 19 qualifying places in the tournament, the group phase is South Korean players shine, eight people played seven round of sixteen. Sixteen the start of the war, Chinese players reproduce strong colors, eight occupy six seats, four occupy three seats, teenager Fan Yunruo Lianpo, Pu Tinghuan Shen Zhenxu, become the most shining star. For South Korea to keep the fire or Li Shishi, the generation of God of war is still the spiritual leader of Korea go. But age makes stone competitiveness decline significantly, it’s Samsung Cup semi-finals, did not let the South Korean chess fans a few years ago generally believe: as long as there is Li Shishi, not far away from the champion! After all, South Korea is now the first person is Pu Tinghuan, he has been expected to take over the banner of the new leader of South Korea, Li Shishi. But Pu Tinghuan has no self-discipline, like Li Shishi Li Changgao, Cao Xunxuan Tetsuya temperament, he was in reverse Tang Weixing should the cup final, South Korea chess on a sound, it also reflects their subconscious to Li Shishi in the Samsung Cup prospect "not enough trust". Li is not only not as strong as before, but also because he has to face the semi-final. From the beginning of last year, one of the most popular topic is Ke Li Dazhan chess. The two is the first clash in last year’s Samsung Cup semi-final, kija 2 than 0 smooth and clean win, lay against the older generation legend psychological advantage, then he caused massive controversy in the dream of Lily before the battle of the "five percent" speech, but Ke Jie is confident in the strength of the source did not let rhetoric in vain, dream cup, Lily the agricultural heart cup win again, completely let Li Shishi go down. But the legend has not ended, man-machine war let Li Shishi back to become the absolute focus, and influence far beyond the community go, triggered a global go boom, guarding against Li Shishi 8 wins and 2 losses record kija had to sit on the sidelines of the landslide. But AlphaGo may change the human understanding of the game, but can not really save Li Shishi’s professional life. The man-machine war after a period of time, Li invincible, is considered "beyond the previous", but should the Cup semi-final defeat to Pu Tinghuan, his "demons disintegration law" finally turned, weakness. Who still can not be underestimated opponent, but has been difficult to become a chess benchmark. The Samsung Cup, Li Shishi in the group phase will be lost to the van Yunruo Bureau, then try to reach the semi-finals, looking forward to reproduce the sunset. He would remind myself: I am a Samsung Cup history to win the most players! The relative record over Li Shishi is not beyond the mark of kija predecessors, his world title is far from the crown, and Li Changgao 17)相关的主题文章: