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Peter Julie movie PK Peter ahead of Julie nearly $1 billion at the box office compared to JoliePitt "Hollywood reporter" Chinese station reported on September 21st (author: Pamela McClintock) if United, Angelina · and Brad · Julie; Peter has been in the global movie grossed $13 billion, than any other couples to Hollywood much more, but now Julie has sued for divorce, then I am afraid people will care about these two people, who at the box office more. The answer is Brad · pete! According to statistics, The Numbers’s Brad · Peter debut so far has made 46 films, in the calculation of inflation, he these films at the global box office reached $6 billion 950 million; Angelina · Julie took a total of 36 films, the film she’s total worldwide box office of $5 billion 970 million; in the domestic box office, Peter also better than others in the United States, he totaled $2 billion 700 million at the box office, Julie is $2 billion 200 million. "In the past decades, Pitt movie created some milepost moments in pop culture history, as an actor, he has the box office appeal, as many of his movies with today’s pop culture, and Julie in recent years is gradually turning to the scenes, she served as the director and screenwriter of more." Box office analyst Geoff ·, said: "in fact, if there is no voice of the" Kung Fu Panda "(Kung Fu Panda) trilogy, the gap between her and Pitt will be greater." Indeed, the trilogy of Kung Fu Panda has reached $2 billion at the global box office. Over the years, Peter and Julie are the highest grossing film of two starring in the 2005 "Mrs Smith" (Mr. & Mrs. Smith), the release of the film in the summer of 2005, when the global box office was $486 million, which surpassed Pete 2004 cast "ocean’s eleven" (Ocean’s Eleven), at that time the film made $484 million 200 thousand world-wide, but nearly 10 years later, Pitt "zombie World War" (World War Z) and he eventually became a high box office, the film in the global box office was $531 million 500 thousand. Brad · other high grossing film Pete, including the 2009 global box office of $316 million 900 thousand "shameless bastard" (Inglourious Basterds), with $329 million in 2008, "rejuvenescent" (The Curious Case of Benjamin Button), and $328 million in 1995, the "seven sins" (Seven). Pitt also took part in the production of a number of high box office production, such as the big bear (The) (Big)!相关的主题文章: