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The United States and more protests Trump wave of violence in the original title: the United States and more protests Trump wave of demonstrations turned violent activities 9 midnight local time, Hilary finally losing the election speech, admit defeat, and congratulate Trump wins, hope to be a good president Trump. Subsequently, Obama also delivered a speech to congratulate Trump won the election, and said it would ensure a smooth transition of the government. 10, Obama invited Trump to the White House to meet to discuss the transfer of power. Trump team promised to complete the smooth transfer of power". The international market sentiment tends to be stable, have huizhang. However, many Americans do not buy it, a number of city protests broke out. Agence France-Presse reported that tens of thousands of protesters expressed shock and anger at the election results. In Washington, hundreds of people gathered in front of the White House in the cold night vigils and blamed Trump for racism, sexism and xenophobia. One of the organizers said: "people (the results of the election) scared. We’re here, because it’s the darkest hour, we’re not alone!" Protests broke out in Portland, Philadelphia, Seattle and many other cities. In Chicago, thousands of people gathered outside Trumpt tower to block the streets and traffic. In Losangeles, some people gathered outside the town hall shouting, "not my president." someone fired a portrait of Trump. The United States CBS news 10 said the election exposed torn society staged in all parts of the United States, from new England to the inland city of Kansas City, and then to the west coast, tens of thousands of protesters waved flags and anti trump slogans, blocking traffic, refused to accept the election of Trump. Police in Oakland have used tear gas to break up shop windows and throw objects at riot police in California. In New York, 15 protesters were arrested by police. Many colleges and universities teachers and students in the social media to protest, some schools even postponed the examination time. Reuters said the evening of 9, in the center of Seattle, Trump was elected president of the protest near the scene, someone shot after a dispute, resulting in 5 people were injured. Beijing time 10 most of the time, the most eye-catching title of the CNN site was not my president occupied, later changed to a president, the United States of America, the two". According to figures released by the U.S. media, Trump finally 306 electoral votes for the greater advantage of the 232 electoral votes to win over Hilary. But CNN says the number of voters voted for Hilary’s actually a little bit more, as of 9 at night, there are still a small number of votes are not included in the case, Hilary received 59 million 755 thousand votes, 59 million 535 thousand and 500 votes more than trump nearly 220 thousand. But because the States "winner" electoral system, Trump win. This is similar to the 2000 presidential election, when Democratic candidate Gore won 550 thousand votes in the country than the Republican candidate George W. Bush, but lost the election. In support of Hilary’s U.S. media also don’t admit that Trump won overwhelmingly in the election results. "New York Times" said Jun相关的主题文章: