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In 2017 this year, the national examination candidates to apply for these matters need attention! Original title: in 2017 this year, the national examination candidates should pay attention to these matters! Beijing, Beijing, October 15 (reporter Zhang Ni) today at about 8, the official opening of the national civil service examination in 2017. The country’s examination program recruited more than 2.7 people, with an annual scale flat. What are the considerations in this country? What are the limitations of candidates? How can I avoid overheating? For a series of issues of concern to the candidates, the new network (WeChat public number: cns2012) reporter conducted a comb. 24 days 18 when the registration deadline should pay attention to according to the rhythm released earlier in the examination announcement, candidates in October 15th from 8:00 to 24 18:00 during login KaoLu project website, submit the application. Candidates can only choose a department (unit) in a post for registration, registration and examination of the use of valid ID card must be consistent. During the period from October 15th to 26, applicants can login KaoLu project website whether through the qualification. It should be noted that, through the qualification, can not apply for other positions, October 15th 8:00 to 24 18:00, the application has not yet been examined or passed the qualification examination, you can change to other positions. October 24th 18:00 to 26 18:00 period, the application for examination or not through the qualification examination, can not be changed to other posts. Through the qualification of personnel, in October 28th after the 8:00 login KaoLu project website registration number. Registration number is an important basis and key words to apply for personnel registration confirmation and download print ticket and other matters, you need to keep in mind. According to the previous situation, the registration of the first 2 days of enrollment is more likely to lead to network congestion." Analysis of China Map Teaching Institute of education Dean Qiao Haibo said. He reminded the majority of candidates to seize the time to apply, while trying to avoid registration peak hours. Low staff can be reduced according to the requirement of the examination fee, through the qualification of candidates to confirm the registration. Take online registration confirmation confirmation manner, candidates should be in November 2nd 9:00 to 7 16:00 in the selected area examination institution website for online registration confirmation and payment. Not to participate in the registration confirmation and payment as waiver. In addition, participatory poverty family and city residents, can directly contact with the local agencies for examination and registration confirmation procedures fee waiver. Participatory poverty family candidates with their family seat of the county (city, district) Office of Poverty Alleviation (Department) issued the poverty proof file card, manual or certificate (original and photocopy) and other materials, enjoy the minimum living guarantee for urban families candidates with low assurance (original and photocopy) or the the family seat of the county (city, district) civil affairs departments issued to enjoy the minimum living security proof, the provinces (autonomous regions and municipalities directly under the central government) that is responsible for the work of examination department after the audit, for relief examination Fei Jun相关的主题文章: