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The environmental protection agency vertical: Municipal Environmental Protection Bureau zhengfuzhi nomination for the provincial Environmental Protection Office of Sohu news recently, the office of the CPC Central Committee and the State Council issued the "guidance on environmental supervision and law enforcement agencies below the provincial monitoring vertical management system reform" (hereinafter referred to the "opinions"), and issued a notice requiring localities and departments to earnestly implement the actual. "Opinions" pointed out that the adjustment of urban and rural environmental protection agency management system. Municipal Environmental Protection Bureau, deputy director of the provincial environmental protection department (bureau) party nominated. Taking the environmental monitoring functions of pilot provinces will be two counties of the environmental protection department, the provincial environmental protection department to exercise unified implementation of environmental monitoring, through to the city or county area in the form of a cross. The focus of management system of the Municipal Environmental Protection Bureau deputy director of the provincial Environmental Protection Bureau (Hall) nominated for the "opinions" pointed out that the adjustment of management system and the environmental protection agency. Municipal Environmental Protection Bureau to implement the provincial Environmental Protection Bureau (bureau) based dual management, is still the municipal government departments. Provincial Environmental Protection Department (bureau) party secretary, nominated for the Municipal Environmental Protection Bureau deputy director, in conjunction with the municipal Party Committee Organization Department of municipal Party committee, solicit opinions, submitted to the municipal Party committee and government in accordance with the relevant procedures, including secretary submitted to the Municipal People’s Congress appointment; municipal environmental protection bureau party secretary, deputy secretary of municipal Party committee, members, solicit opinions later, by the provincial environmental protection department (bureau) party approval appointment. Municipalities directly under the central government and the provinces directly under the county (city, district) Environmental Protection Bureau with reference to the implementation of Municipal Environmental Protection Bureau reform. Municipalities, sub provincial city environmental protection bureau to implement the provincial environmental protection department (bureau) dual management mainly relates to the appointment and dismissal of cadres; management, in accordance with the corresponding cadre management authority. The adjustment of the county environmental protection bureau sent to the Bureau of Municipal Environmental Protection Bureau, directly managed by the Municipal Environmental Protection Bureau, the Municipal Environmental Protection Bureau leadership team members by appointment. Development Zone (high tech Zone) and other environmental protection management system reform program identified by the pilot provinces. Strengthen environmental law enforcement. Environmental law enforcement focus to move down the city and county to strengthen the grassroots law enforcement team construction, strengthen the local environmental law enforcement. Municipal Environmental Protection Bureau unified management, unified command within the administrative region of the county level environmental law enforcement force, by the municipal personnel and work expenses. Environmental law enforcement agencies in accordance with the law to implement on-site inspection, administrative penalties, administrative enforcement of the conditions and means. Environmental law enforcement agencies included in the administrative law enforcement departments of the government, equipped with investigation and evidence collection, mobile law enforcement and other equipment, uniform environmental law enforcement officers dress, protect the first line of environmental law enforcement vehicles. Operating mechanism to encourage the pilot provinces to explore the establishment of inter regional environmental protection agency opinions proposed to strengthen inter regional, inter basin environmental management. Pilot provinces to actively explore the establishment of environmental regulation and administrative law enforcement agencies, environmental protection agencies across the river basin, orderly integration of different areas, different departments, different levels of regulatory power. Provincial Environmental Protection Department (bureau) can choose a comprehensive ability of the city’s environmental monitoring institutions to undertake cross regional, inter basin eco-environmental quality monitoring functions. Pilot provinces environmental protection department (bureau) lead establish regional cooperation mechanism, the implementation of cross regional, inter basin environmental pollution joint prevention and control, strengthen joint monitoring, joint law enforcement agency,相关的主题文章: