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Compared to the makeup of Yang Mi’s workplace EQ is really high the Sina entertainment entertainment magazine column boiled 4 debut of Yang Mi is obviously the entertainment of the "old children", the early years in "The legend of Condor Hero" a dream of Red Mansions "," Legend of three "drama also played a lot of wonderful role, especially Yang Mi’s version of Guo Xiang, innocent, like most of the original small and clear appearance of ashes. Emotional intelligence is a kind of experience? Look at Yang Mi and you’ll see. She is everywhere from the black terrier, up to now the counter attack, just a perfect career promotion manual. Workplace high EQ get up. Recent camp reality show "real man 2" provoke controversy. Sun Yang released a micro-blog. Be interpreted as: reality show script! A ripple, provoked netizens There were many discussions. Aspen diehard powder is a natural support idol is endless, have for idol name, tear open the program group. In short, the scene is a mess, Sun Yang is also controversial. In this case, the real male member seems to be able to remain silent, saying it is a colleague. This is a "colleague" by the customer to find trouble, the problem also relates to our boss, how do I do. But why is this time to attend the activities of Yang Mi "unfortunate" arrested. In the face of the reporter raised the question of Yang Mi, but some sincere but also lost the witty answer won the public favor. At the beginning of Yang Mi said the big poplar is not to bombard the program group, and said they believe that the intention is not so. Support the great white poplar, also helped the program group to clarify. Look, high EQ people say things is not worldly will save, nor let you make fun of black spot xiabulaitai, but is to clarify the situation in the round all the circumstances, the rest is up to the facts. Real man as a reality show, not only exposed Yang Mi’s su Yan, but also exposed her high emotional quotient of the ontology. Yang Mi, who is worried about his weight, wants to take off his coat when he is weighing. She is careful with me directly ask the instructor. The result is a perfect goal. Like in other women for fear of monitor and dare not speak when Yang Mi will go to monitor joke, rest to monitor a nickname "small weiwei". How about lunch monitor, Yang Mixian is quick say eat well, then half jokingly half seriously put forward the requirements of mung bean soup refill. It’s a good idea to praise and ask. We pay attention to the details, we put attention on the request of Sun Yang, only Yang Mi noticed the monitor has been done two push ups and loud statement, to reduce the burden for monitor. Everybody thinks the monitor is very fierce. Zhang Lanxin said that he must be missing the discovery of the hidden beauty of others, the ability to single. Huang Zitao has a sweet white colleagues, and ruthless boss, this high-risk workplace, Yang Mi can live in the first time hold, is really powerful. This careful attention to other people’s behavior is also a reflection of a high EQ, the public does not ignore the efforts of everyone相关的主题文章: