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Talk about the story of Maggie Cheung Tony Leung Carina Lau and Zhang Ziyi’s new network Tucao new network in September 29, according to the Taiwan – acting in "Chinese times news, 50 year old Carina Lau and Tony Leung married for 8 years, the 2 rumored positive man, but the woman has not been pregnant, even IVF attempts have failed, she had gestational age, recently in an interview, bluntly responded frankly infertility rumors, the couple had already reached the consensus" no child ", and for the past years Tony Leung and Maggie Cheung scandal, Carina Lau is also quite atmosphere, laugh said it was" a beautiful story ", if Tony Leung really love each other, that she will be very happy. Carina Lau recently a guest "Venus show", a powerful aura of perfection always feared the guests on Venus, in the face of all pungent problems all broken, too outspoken more let Venus rendered speechless. When asked "is the 2 person decided not to (children)?" She did not say, "to avoid, especially he decided not to." But Carina Lau also admitted that the past had the idea of a child, because everyone was born, but later found that the responsibility is too large, and finally decided not to. Talk to the first from Suzhou to Hongkong, who is around the love object, Carina Lau is also a tough hand flick, directly say "Julian (Hong Kong star Michele Lee billionaire husband)", "the 3 years of love, she does not flash nor hide," may we all feel that you are not to abandon the giants. So, I chose Tony Leung, Mr. Xu to now, he and I are still very good friends." As for Tony Leung and Maggie Cheung story for years, she only smiled back "is a beautiful story," said if Tony Leung really love Maggie Cheung, she will be very happy, because the other side is a good actress. Carina Lau blew, in 2011 she was in the film "let the bullets fly", that was Jiang Wen touch the chest drama, the moment she actually had reaction, refer to how it might not be an actor, so charming!" As for Tony Leung and Zhang Ziyi in "2046" why no spark? Carina Lau actually said: "Zhang Ziyi did not feel" face to face Tucao Zhang Ziyi’s acting did not feel, so that the silly silly to hear, I do not know what to say for a long time, had to say, "this is the right time to talk about it here!" This is the end of this awkward but Madden interview.相关的主题文章: