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Guizhou: rural left-behind children live in Campus — Guizhou Channel – Friday bell rang, Hezhang Xingfa Township Central Primary school dormitory door after the child’s parents have lined up. In order to free boarding parents fill out the registration form and press the fingerprint ID by checking the dorm staff to pick up students. School teacher Xiao difficult to explain, in order to ensure the safety of the child, check the registration process parents are also unshakable, understanding, cooperation. In order to improve the comprehensive school basic teaching conditions of the comprehensive reform thin opportunity Xingfa Township Central Primary School since the new female dormitory building, construction area of 1350 square meters. The room is clean and tidy, adequate, 8 grade mixed bed. Each bedroom in the standard 4 bunk beds, 3 desk. At present, there are 194 boarding schools 873 students, 30 of them from poor households, 25 people from poor families to help accurate. "Boarding students have grade one to grade six, and the youngest is only 6 years old." President Zhu Ying introduced, came to the school, the children develop a good health habits, performance generally improved. 2013, Hezhang county will be incorporated into the primary school boarding school construction. For left behind children and students in remote areas of the development of boarding primary school, so that children eat full, eat well, there is a school, there are books to read, be loved and cared for. At present, Hezhang county has started the implementation of Xingfa Township Central Primary School, Shui Tang Bao Xiang Tian Ba junior middle school 93 comprehensive reform thin school projects, completed an investment of 628 million yuan, the total construction area of over 350 thousand square meters. Before boarding, 102 children from Hsinying, ya, stone, mountain and other remote villages near the school to rent houses, some children lack of care, there are security risks. Now they can not only stay in the school dormitory, and three meals a day can be solved at school. Two year class teacher Yang Jie to reporters calculations: students pay $3 a day, the school to apply for a subsidy of $5, 8 yuan to solve the day’s breakfast and dinner, at noon there is a state subsidy of free nutritious meals. The fourth grade land Jinglan’s bedroom on the first floor at the end of the school was small, she looks a little shy. Her primary school the first grade in primary school through the hills of the mountain, the parents go out to work after transfer to Xingfa Township Central Primary School boarding school. Lu Jinglan’s achievements have passed the following line, and now the door can pass, good subjects can take 80 points. She said after Monday to Thursday night, the teacher will give students stay in school "kaixiaozao" lessons. According to reports, since the implementation of the Hezhang County boarding school construction project, to build a boarding school 80, has admitted to the student 69549. (Chen Yuanyuan Xing Yanan) source: People’s digital focus today: the National Day Golden Week: Guizhou Province, sunny to cloudy weather is very suitable for travel   two Guiyang railway passenger station is expected tomorrow 147 thousand passenger theme bonfire party, Xiang delicacy series experience…… During the national day of the Guiyang scenic area rich and colorful "Mountain Park, colorful Guizhou wind" global promotion activities held in the United States, "along the Red Army through the colorful Guizhou" to commemorate the victory of the long march相关的主题文章: