The man on the night of high-speed vehicle tire toll bail out caxa实体设计

The man on the night of high-speed vehicle tire toll bail out October 4th, a cross-country car tire, can not travel in Shanghai Chengdu high-speed Xingshan toll station square, the driver was anxious and finally out on duty toll enthusiastic help. The same day at 4 pm, a license plate for the e EDC378 Great Wall off-road vehicles from Xingshan to Yichang high-speed toll station to the toll station, in the square, suddenly there was a loud bang. Toll station duty monitor Hu Renjie heard quickly rushed to the scene, found the car left front tire burst has withered, unable to run normally. After the determination of no casualties, in order to ensure the safety of the scene, the organization of the first time in the rear of the vehicle placed a reflective cone. The driver to get off a look, suddenly blindsided: "finished, I will not change the tire, the car did not repair tools". Hu Renjie rushed to comfort the driver: "never mind, we have special passenger services for our prepared repair tool, I help you to change a tire!" Say that finish, the site will soon be out of repair tools, organize the class for the car to change the tire. Sweep code big Chu Yichang, to understand the latest local information!相关的主题文章: