[exclusive] Zhou Yunpeng Bob Dylan is a bit like Bai Juyi belongs to the Writings are for conveying 海思k3v2

[exclusive] Zhou Yunpeng: Bob? Dylan is a bit like Bai Juyi belongs to the Writings are for conveying truth.   ifeng.com cultural news acceptance phoenix culture line, Zhou Yunpeng just got off the plane, before he went to the United States around the circle of music festival. In this is called (Desert Trip) Music Festival, Zhou Yunpeng listened to a return to Bob ·. "He is very stuffy, only in singing, they also don’t say thank you, have a little interaction with the audience. When he was in Shanghai a few years ago, I thought it was because of china. He is such a cool person, do not love dazzle, no one to crazy." In 90s Zhou Yunpeng bought a Bob · Dylan with words, he later heard on the tape in the "Tomorrow Night" into a Chinese song, named as "song". But he repeatedly stressed that he is not a fan of Dylan, Bob · Bob · Dylan song he can casually hum the melody is then 35. "Bob · Dylan’s creation is like a Writings are for conveying truth. social justice and social criticism, something inside." Bob said, "Cui Jian and are China’s ·;" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "," said Zhou Yunpeng." (by Wei Bingxin Zhou Yunpeng) Phoenix Culture: you mentioned Bob · in an article; you are very familiar with Dylan’s song melody only about 35 songs, can not put this song for us? Zhou Yunpeng: "Blowing in the" Wind "  Knockin’On Heaven’s Door", and "Tomorrow Night". The "TomorrowNight" I have adapted, called "song". Probably in 90s, I bought Bob · Dylan; this is a tape disc play, guitar playing and singing, "Tomorrow Night", the song melody is very good, it was love. Of course, this melody is also his cover, but a representative of his style, a guitar, playing the harmonica, singing a song. Phoenix Culture: the Nobel prize in literature for a singer, we feel a little surprised. As a folk singer, what do you think of Bob’s · and the works of Dylan? Zhou Yunpeng: Bob · the value of the music of the is more critical of the society in the 60s and 70s, when the u.s.. So his music carries some social justice, or some rebellious spirit. His music is very simple form, which is not complicated, it may be a bit like Bai Juyi, the load is better. Belong to the Writings are for conveying truth. type. Phoenix Culture: from the beginning of 2007, Bob · Dylan is also accompany to run for many years, what do you think is the reason for him to get this award this year? Zhou Yunpeng: I think the Nobel prize was actually a mystery. Of course, not to say which year which writer best will give the award to him, it is striking, reaction.相关的主题文章: