Autumn is coming! Zhejiang province will cool down to 16 degrees typhoon affected by rain continued 巴雷特m82a1

Autumn is coming! Zhejiang province will be cooled to 16 DEG C effects of typhoon rain to National Day holiday while avoiding the typhoon "Chaba", but escape the first, hide but fifth. Right now, the north cold air southward, south of Typhoon "Aere" effect, the two weather system up and down the attack to the end of the holidays, the weather really is not ideal. Yesterday, the Rain King also early rally in hangzhou. Although the rain as summer when patience so strong, but take the feminine line, we really feel more "a cold autumn rain". According to the provincial meteorological station data show that the average temperature of the day before yesterday I was 22 to 24 degrees Celsius, the temperature yesterday at 9 in the morning of the day before yesterday at the same time area is decreased by 3~5 degrees Celsius, go out in the morning, the girls’ skirts have bear. Today, the people of Zhejiang will be more aware of the cold air of sincerity". Hangzhou Municipal Meteorological Observatory predicted by the subtropical high north and Southeast periphery of cold air diffusion has affected the city during the day, overcast with showers, part of the city at night with rain and fog, the rain ceased to cloudy, north wind gust 5 3-4. Today, the maximum temperature of 22 degrees, the lowest temperature of 19 degrees. Provincial Meteorological Observatory predicted that the next two days, most of the province’s minimum temperature will drop to 16-18 degrees, 14-16 degrees C. 8-10, our province coastal sea and 8-10 northerly winds. Typhoon "Aere" influence it until tomorrow at 4:33 today, the sun reaches 195 degrees, for the dew. The dew is the seventeenth solar term twenty-four lunar solar term, said the official beginning of the autumn season. This season, temperatures continue to decline in most parts of southern china. "Cold dew dew foot", to remind the buddies, pay special attention to warm cold dew, especially the foot. The latest look under the typhoon "Aere". 3 pm yesterday, this year the nineteenth typhoon "Aere" has been strengthened from a tropical storm to a tropical storm, the South China Sea at 5 p.m. its center is located about 290 kilometers southeast of Hongkong, near the center of the largest wind 10 (25 m / sec), seven wind circle radius of 100 to 150 kilometers. The central meteorological station is expected to 9, "Aere" will linger less in the northern South China Sea sea, the intensity gradually increased, up to the strongest typhoon, 10 days later, gradually to the east of Hainan Island in the west to Guangdong in the coastal area near the intensity gradually weakened. Due to the influence of cold air, "Aere" future path and intensity changes are there is a big uncertainty, and there is a possibility in the northern part of the South China Sea weakened. The central meteorological station is expected to 9, affected by the typhoon "Aere" peripheral circulation and influence of cold air south, South Central, Jiangsu Zhejiang, Shanghai, Eastern and southern Fujian, Eastern Guangdong, Taiwan and other places have moderate or heavy rain, some areas of Eastern Zhejiang, Taiwan and other places with heavy rain, local heavy rain.相关的主题文章: