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Too violent! Just because a word "Changge male underwear" crazy beat boy vicious curse, slapped, pull the collar, Henjin throw, kick head…… In the video, a middle-aged man wearing black pants crazy beat a student look like a boy. This is not a blockbuster in the crime scene, this is true in Xuchang Changge Dazhou town twelve lieutenant colonel at the entrance of horror scene. Recently, Xuchang Changge City, the official WeChat platform "Changge today" reports on the matter, causing widespread concern and strong repercussions, more than 70 thousand people, nearly 500 people to denounce the message, demanding severe punishment of the perpetrators of beatings, safeguard the interests of their children, but also a pure land on campus. The morning of September 22nd, Oriental Daily News reporter from the Changge city police and informed sources, violence and victims have reached a settlement, in the past 20 days, violence Party promised solatium and medical expenses have not been fulfilled. Oriental Daily News reporter Han Zhengqiang – "Changge today" the young school was beaten man event replay East this reporter through multiple view video and confirmation, this shocking violence occurred in the afternoon of September 2nd Changge Dazhou town Changge twelve school gate. According to Zhou Zhen Zhao Minghuan village cadres introduction, September 2nd in the afternoon after school, at about 5, the video was playing a boy and his classmates went to a supermarket next to the school to buy a drink. But the boy went to the supermarket, touched pocket, found his pocket forget to take money. "Boss, credit first!" Said the little boy at the time. "No credit." The boss refused him. Not buy drinks, boy and friends left the supermarket, but the boy left the supermarket, said the sentence: "no credit to the ball." At that time, the little boy and his companions out of the supermarket door, the supermarket boss did not hear this sentence, it should not happen. But something unexpected happened! According to the boy’s father Mr. Zhao introduced, when he said this sentence in the son, just passing a stalls selling hamburger, the vendors just heard these words. So, the vendors selling hamburger went to the supermarket with the boss said: "the boy scold you!" The supermarket owner heard the word, immediately fly into a rage, the supermarket boss rushed out to find the little boy began to play! Shooting someone from the scene of the video, one wearing a white shirt, wearing black pants middle-aged man mouth viciously cursing, gave the boy a slap in the face, and pulled his collar from the three steps in front of the high platform, the fierce look pulled down on the ground, then at the boy’s head, body fiercely against a few feet, next to a few people hold. The latest progress of the two sides have reached a settlement solatium medical expenses have not been honored, according to eyewitness reports, when the supermarket boss beating boy scene is very cruel, the scene is very intense! The man tried to mediate, but the boy still suffered a beating. Changge city in the twelve people, Dazhou town police station, Zhao Minghuan village cadres, witnessed the scene confirmed that the batterer is indeed the school gate of a supermarket boss. According to Mr. Zhao said, and now his son’s head, spine multiple injuries, has been shouting body pain, eyes dull, depressed, trauma hospital in Changge is to do the examination, treatment. September.相关的主题文章: