Beijing residential turnover fell by 40% in September; the first monthly average price exceede wegener肉芽肿

Beijing housing turnover fell 40% in September   monthly price exceeded 30 thousand yuan for the first time — real estate — original title: Beijing housing turnover in September fell 40% in Beijing morning news (reporter Yang Yi Kim Gu) insufficient purity, Beijing houses, second-hand housing turnover come down the chain. However, the price continues to rise, pure commodity residential average price of 30 thousand yuan per square meter for the first time exceeded. Centaline research department statistics show that as of 27, excluding low-income housing and housing, Beijing new commercial housing contract total 3817 units, more than 8 fell about 25%. However, the average transaction price rose significantly, the average price of 30 thousand yuan per square meter for the first time, reaching $32288 square meters. Have a certain relationship with the structure of the transaction prices and high-end, this month price more than 100 thousand yuan per square meter of residential signed 14 sets of 16072, the highest in nearly 3 months. Second hand housing transactions similar to the new premises. As of 27, September Beijing second-hand housing contract for the 14852 units, down by a chain of 11.5%; transaction price reached $35 thousand and 100 square meters, compared to 34 thousand and 200 square meters in August rose by 2.6%. 2015 real estate market is more policy city, the recent policy stimulus is not limited to the impact of the volume." Centaline chief analyst Zhang Dawei believes that the current Beijing real estate market mainstream transaction price has reached 3 million 500 thousand yuan, second-hand housing more than 3 million yuan, "the overall improvement into the market, the market volume is significantly enlarged." The 2 billion 30 million electric power construction – related news take Mentougou block "made a fortune!" Beijing land market yesterday ushered in the eleven last holiday before the land auction. The electric power construction consortium won with 2 billion 30 million yuan in Yongding town of Mentougou District, 6022 block MC00-0017-6021. A recent change in the price of land transactions floor frequently break 50 thousand yuan, the transaction floor price of only $25 thousand square meters. Yesterday afternoon, the Beijing morning news reporters at the scene found that housing prices have entered the vacation mode in advance, not very fierce placards. After 10 rounds of competition, the electric power construction with 2 billion 30 million yuan to the land in the bag. However, the scene appeared an episode. In the tenth round, Gezhouba Dam third times in the hammer after the placards. Placards, hammer time has sparked controversy, after the final transfer of live video, the host announced the combination of electric power construction for the final winner. Placards, not over his head, the front can not see." Afterwards, the representative of Gezhouba Dam is still in "innocence". Transaction floor price of 25 thousand yuan, the future is expected to price at around $40 thousand square meters." Centaline chief analyst Zhang Dawei introduction, the current average price of commercial housing transactions in Mentougou about 33 thousand yuan square meters, is the only one of Beijing’s average price of more than 30 thousand yuan of non urban district and county. However, yesterday, another 4 billion 400 million yuan to the Yongding Mentougou District of the town of MC00-0020-0009, 0012 plots because no one quoted liupai. "The actual parcel out)相关的主题文章: