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Dong Mingzhu said why didn’t maltreat what shareholders dividends "GREE did not ill treat you, domineering chairman Dong Mingzhu meeting news brush spray participating shareholders burst circle of friends. Standing in Dong Mingzhu’s position, she is emboldened, as she said, GREE this year dividend of 18 billion, is the A stock market this generous dividend company. So, what are the A stock market did not "treat" retail? 1 total cash dividends: who is the strongest bank full of sense of GREE electric appliance industry ranked first when it comes to the total amount of dividends, GREE can row number. Wind data show that since the listing of GREE cumulative total cash dividend of up to 30 billion 964 million yuan, ranked first in the appliance industry. But if compared to and big banks, is still suck. At present, A shares of listed companies with the highest cumulative cash dividends of Listed Commercial Bank, since the dividend of 486 billion 834 million yuan, it is 15.72 times of GREE electric appliances, the cumulative bank highest dividend of 20 companies accounted for 10. Several other major petrochemical, iron and steel, electric power industry giant companies, such as China Petroleum, Sinopec, Baosteel, Yangtze Power, etc.. GREE ranked twenty-first in this ranking. The ranking may be affected by the length of time listed. If we consider the past five years a total cash dividend (statistics have been listed for five full years of the company), GREE ranking is further improved, ranked eighteenth, proved in recent years to investors in return for cash amount is higher. Who is the tallest 2 dividend per share: consumer stocks into big dividends in the above three GREE ranking affected the size of the company, small company because the business scale and profits are limited, it is difficult to get the number row. If you skim the impact of the size of the company, the company is ranked high cash dividend is another scene. The following table, such as the market has spread to the cumulative cash dividends per share (i.e. the total cash dividend per share dividends), Wang is obviously Kweichow Moutai, since the stock market cumulative cash dividend per share up to 34 yuan (right after interest rate adjustment, the same below). The social security fund, and other institutional investors have been regarded as one of the top Kweichow Moutai awkwardness in recent years, the high cash dividend is undoubtedly one of the main reasons. In this ranking, the ranking is the main food beverage, automotive, household appliances, medicine and other blue chip consumer stocks, these companies often have plenty of cash flow, the ability of a large proportion of the cash dividend. 3 who is the most money ": a small counter attack if you want to see who the motherboard", then the dividend rate will be a more scientific index. Data show that, A shares of listed companies, the dividend rate of the former companies in the majority of small and medium sized, of course, some of which are due to the reasons for the lack of profit. It is worth noting that there are many companies with high dividend payout ratio in recent years has just listed new shares, which indicates that the company has just listed in the previous few years, dividends relatively generous. PS: the amount of cash dividends can reflect the degree of returns to shareholders of listed companies, but for the bonus itself Lei相关的主题文章: